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Good Luck, Mayor-Elect Adams!

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We congratulate Mayor-elect Eric Adams on his huge win in last week’s election. We supported him and we’ll now closely follow him up on his promises to the city’s nearly 9 million residents. After eight long, hard years under the current mayor, we look forward to new faces in City Hall who will encourage and lead their agencies and departments to raise up the standards of excellence we New Yorkers deserve, expect and have long yearned for. We are tired of the growing pestilence of crime that is spreading like Covid. We demand better public schools for our kids, reminiscent of those of excellence we attended years back. We demand a cleaner, safer, well run, more on schedule subway system to get us back to our jobs after a year of long-distance employment. And couldn’t we all use some reduction in the crippling taxes that are now forcing our neighbors to flee south, to escape? Mayor Adams has these and many other situations facing him when he moves into Gracie Mansion. We’ll elaborate:

His remake must first start with the two great issues that have roiled the communities: Education and policing. We understand that the teachers’ unions have financed and backed many of those who have and now rule the city. However, Mayor DiBlasio’s war on the education of the city’s gifted kids in junior high and high schools is reprehensible and plain stupid. In an attempt to use racial “equity” as an entrance standard for gifted programs such as those in Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech and Bronx High School of Science, merit based standard exams have been tossed out the window, reducing the quality of education for those students whose high intelligence and love of learning must be constantly upgraded to maintain their interest.

A physics teacher cannot teach the subject if many in the classroom have problems with percentages and fractions. Count on it that parents will remain in their city homes if they see that their kids have learning opportunities that challenge them to explore and reach greater heights. Let’s face it, teacher unions fight for higher wages, better working conditions, not necessarily for the interests of the kids they teach. What else are unions for?

Mayor Adams will also have the problem of better handling the security, safety and well being of his constituents to deal with. The NYPD was once the best, most efficient, most enviable police force in the world, touting the highest levels of professionalism, efficiency and performance. We left for last, its once sky-high morale among its officers. That’s no longer evident within the ranks of New York’s Finest. When he visits a cop’s hospital room or attends an officer’s funeral, the uniformed in attendance turn their backs. A sign of disrespect. He disbanded the Anti-Crime Unit and made “stop and frisk” illegal, to the delight of criminals. Mr. Adam’s successful career in the NYPD and his promises to remedy the sad state of pride among his former colleagues gives us hope that the streets of our beloved city will once more be clean, safe and secure.

We wish our future Mayor much success in his new position. He can call on us anytime with ideas to make our city great again. We will, to this end, work with him and our fellow New Yorkers in any way possible…. as partners, as fellow citizens, as neighbors, as friends. Much success, Mr. Mayor-elect!!!

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