Gen. Mike Flynn Sends Shockwaves at ReAwaken America Tour: “One Nation Under God, and One Religion Under God.” - The Jewish Voice
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Gen. Mike Flynn Sends Shockwaves at ReAwaken America Tour: “One Nation Under God, and One Religion Under God.”

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Making headlines once again is former Trump national security advisor, General Michael Flynn. Having repeatedly garnered attention this year for a number of controversial statements, it now appears that his latest epiphany has sent shock waves across America.

Flynn was pardoned in 2020 after pleading guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his communications with Russia.

According to published reports, at a three-day conference in San Antonio, Texas for the “ReAwaken America” tour, Flynn promulgated the notion that Christianity needs to become the singular religion of the United States.

In an effort to quash rumors spread by QAnon that Flynn is a Satan worshipper, Flynn discussed his Christian faith and said on Saturday night, “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God.”

According to a report of Flynn also blasted the indictment of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon by a federal grand jury for his failure to  comply with a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot. Flynn called the indictment an “abuse of freedom of speech.”

The Slate reported also said that the former national security adviser also characterized the investigation into the riot as “the insurrection crucifixion.” Flynn also said that he has taped a segment for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in which he compared  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Pontius Pilate, (the man who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus in the Bible), according to a Business Insider report. “This is a crucifixion of our First Amendment freedom to speak, freedom to peacefully assemble. It’s unbelievable,” Flynn said.

The “ReAwaken America” tour featured Flynn, other Trump loyalists, and anti-vaxx doctors, including Stella Immanuel and Scott Jensen, according to the Business Insider report. Other Trump allies participating as speakers for the tour include Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, and Lin Wood.

The Hill reported that in July, Flynn took heat after joking about finding “somebody in Washington, D.C,” while holding an AR-15. Just a few months later, he appeared to call for a coup similar to the one in Myanmar, where the country’s military seized power and overtook the democratically elected government in February, to take place in the U.S.

Later Saturday, Josh Mandel, Ohio’s treasurer and a U.S. Senate candidate, tweeted, “We stand with General Flynn.”


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