France Now Advising Against Moderna Jab for People Under 30

Photo Credit: AP

France’s public health authority has advised against giving people under 30 Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, citing higher risks of heart inflammation post-inoculation.

Drawing on recently published data, France’s health authority, the Haute Autorite de Sante (HAS), said the risk of myocarditis from Pfizer-BioNTech’s Comirnaty “appears to be around five times lesser… compared to Moderna’s Spikevax jab” in young people in an opinion published on Monday.

Cases of myocarditis mainly occur within seven days of vaccination, more often after the second dose, and in men under the age of 30, the notice read.

HAS, which acts as an advisor to the French health sector but does not have the power to ban medicines, said the recommendation would apply to first and second doses, as well as a third “booster shot” while it awaits additional data, RT pointed out

Last month saw Nordic nations place varying restrictions on Moderna’s vaccine. Iceland has made the widest suspension of the jab, with its health authorities halting its use across its whole population.

Stockholm, meanwhile, announced it was freezing the use of Moderna for all of its population born in 1991 and later. Helsinki followed suit, but halted the inoculant for young, male Finns only based on a study involving Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden that found men under 30 had a slightly higher risk of developing myocarditis.

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