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‘Antisemitic, disgusting’ – Chikli blasts Arab journalist for ‘Nazi’ comment

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By World Israel News Staff

Yamina rebel MK Amichai Chikli, who went renegade from his party and voted against the formation of the new government, slammed an Arab news anchor for his social media posts, including his reference to IDF soldiers as “Nazis.”


In the Knesset plenum on Sunday, Chikli gave a speech blasting Rami Younes, an Israeli Arab journalist who recently joined Kan News as an anchor for an Arabic-language program.

Younes, a relatively well-known writer who identifies himself on Twitter as living in Lyd, Palestine [a reference to Lod, Israel], compared IDF soldiers to Nazis after a Gazan paramedic was shot during riots at the fence separating the Strip from Israel.

During the May 2021 Israel – Gaza clash Operation Guardian of the Walls, Younes reportedly encouraged Arab rioters in mixed municipalities.

Outraged by the fact that Younes’ salary is financed by funds collected from Israeli taxpayers, Chikli said that the journalist should not be employed by a public broadcaster.

“Does it make sense…that we should pay money to a person who calls the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces ‘Nazis’? What are we, [did we] fall on our heads?”

“Beyond that, he publishes a statement supporting the violence in Lodand Akko, and comes and says ‘We young Palestinians will keep our uprising alive, we have awakened’. A clear incitement to violence.”

“It is inconceivable that a disgusting, despicable anti-Semite who hates Israel and incites [against it] will receive his reward from the money of the Israeli taxpayer,” Chikli said.

“If you want to promote antisemitic propaganda, if you want to promote incitement to violence, you have the Al-Manar channel, you can join one of Hamas’ broadcast channels. You have no place in a broadcast channel that the citizens of the State of Israel pay for.”

Chikli concluded his speech by calling on Kan to “reconsider their shameful decision” to hire Younes.

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