Tom Suozzi Campaigns for Buffalo Mayor in Bid to Defeat Surging Socialist Favorite - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tom Suozzi Campaigns for Buffalo Mayor in Bid to Defeat Surging Socialist Favorite

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By: Jared Evan

Rep. Thomas Suozzi (D-Glen Cove), a moderate Democrat who might run for governor against Kathy Houchul, has backed Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown’s write in effort, in an attempt to defeat the socialist India Walton who shocked NY state by winning the Buffalo Mayoral Primary in June, defeating Brown who was running for his 5th term.

Walton is a self-defined democratic socialist. Walton stated that she would decrease the budget of the Buffalo Police Department by $7.5 million by having the police not answer mental health calls or enforce minor traffic violations. She stated that she would make Buffalo a sanctuary city, for endless illegal immigration. Walton’s platform is similar to NYC socialist icon AOC.

“The eyes of the country are going to be focused on Buffalo. We don’t want to wake up on Nov. 3, and people say, ‘Buffalo just elected the first socialist mayor in the past 50 years.’ We can’t make that happen in Buffalo!”, Suozzi said on Saturday to a group gathered at Brown’s campaign headquarters, NY Post reported. “If we let them win, we will lose everything. We will lose the American people, we will lose New Yorkers, will lose Buffalonians, if we adopt that type of extremist agenda.”

“We have to send a message to these socialists with bad ideas that it stops right here in the city of Buffalo,” Mayor Brown said on Saturday following Suozzi’s introduction. “This is the firewall for our state; this is the firewall for our nation.”

The NY Post reported: On Saturday, Suozzi brushed aside getting ripped by left-leaning politicians and advocates on Twitter for his Brown endorsement, borrowing a line from fellow moderate Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams.

“I gotta tell you, the Twittersphere is not on our side,” Suozzi, who represents parts of northern Nassau County in Congress, said. “But I don’t care about what they say in the tweets; I care about what they say in the streets. Because this man’s support is not just on social media, they’re on Social Security, and they want … to keep Buffalo moving forward.”

Late in the primary, the career activist, India Walton’s campaign received a boost when New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams endorsed her and headlined several fundraisers to support her campaign. Walton had previously received some local attention while active in the George Floyd protests. She won the very low turnout Buffalo Democratic mayoral primary with 11,132 votes vs 9,625 votes for the incumbent.

The Socialist is running for mayor, unopposed by a Republican or third-party candidate, Brown’s write in campaign is essentially her opposition. If elected in the general election, she will be the first socialist mayor of a large city since Frank Zeidler left office as mayor of Milwaukee in 1960.

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