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The China, Kerry & Climate Change Connection

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We’ve never been a fan of John Kerry, our current present Climate Envoy to the world. It started out when it was revealed that his grandparents, who were of Czech descent, were Jews whose family name was, “Kohn.” It was more advantageous, for assimilation and political reasons to change the name to “Kerry.” There it stands. We chuckled as he claimed ignorance of this fact when he ran for office. He mimicked another fibber, Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright’s astonishment upon “learning” her family, once upon a time, were also Jewish. As well, we cringed when he, a former naval officer, tossed his medals over the White House fence in disgust at our military’s “war crimes” in Vietnam, where he had served.

Now, as he world’s leading advocate against man’s major sin, being responsible for “Global Warming,” he must do so with the heavy weight of explaining away his being the proud owner of 6 homes, 2 yachts, 12 cars and a private jet. Of course, he never will. And please recall, that the son of Iranian official, Mohammed Zarif, with whom Kerry negotiated the ludicrous Obama/Iran Deal, was best man at the wedding of Kerry’s daughter to another Iranian. You can’t make this up.

But now, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has just revealed that, “rumors have swirled in Washington about Kerry and his opposition to taking concrete action against the Chinese Communist Party’s use of slave labor. Now we may have an answer about his reluctance to take action: Kerry and his wife have at least $1 million invested in a Chinese investment group called Hillhouse.”

Hillhouse is a top shareholder in a Chinese company which was blacklisted by the Trump administration for being complicit in the repression, torture and slaughter of Uyghurs and others. Rubio claims that Kerry is, “actively working against my Uyghur Forced labor Act, which would make it impossible for products made with slave labor to be imported into the United States.” Kerry appears to be profiting from slave labor. Apparently, the Biden administration and the Progressives in the Democrat Party are so desperate for a climate deal with the Chinese Communist Party that they are willing to ignore the regime’s use of slave labor.

Our strong stand against China’s use of slave labor to dominate the world’s markets was totally replaced by one of slavish caving in to the world’s largest totalitarian regime once Biden took office. We now know of the Biden’s family close relationship with China. Joe’s son, Hunter, and the info from his laptops, currently open to the world, tell us of the millions China has dumped into that crime syndicate family’s coffers. Does Joe’s income from China exceed that of his presidential paycheck? Did China influence Biden’s decision to hire on John Kerry as his Climate Czar to further that Asian nation’s dominance over us and the rest of the world through reducing our dependence on carbon base fuels?

Our media surely is not interested in revealing the facts. It’s our responsibility, each and every on of us to fight back against the steamrolling towards the disaster that our nation is heading for under the leadership of the likes of Biden and his appointees. The “Global Warming” fraud, the appeasement of dictatorships, the removal of our own citizens’ freedom of speech, the dumbing down of our schools and the destruction of our voting system should ring alarm bells for all of us to heed. We will pay the ultimate penalties for ignoring them.

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