NY GOP Chair Nick Langworthy Highlights Ballot Proposals that Compromise Election Integrity


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As the general election on November 2nd fast approaches, voters were made aware on Monday morning of several upcoming ballot proposals that would possibly compromise election integrity.

At a press conference at the Staten Island headquarters of the Republican party, New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy launched a statewide “Just Say No” tour that highlighted the party’s opposition to the constitutional amendments on the November ballot that are related to same-day registration and no-excuse absentee voting. Langworthy also addressed the state’s redistricting process and the efforts on the part of the Democratic party power base to engage in gerrymandering to fit their agenda.

According to a report on SILive.com the redistricting process is routinely riddled with accusations of one party or the other trying to draw new boundaries to tip the electoral scales in their favor.

Among other things, this year’s redistricting proposal would cap the number of state senators at 63. It’s an effort to prevent future legislators from tipping the balance of power in the Senate with new districts, according to The City.

The SILive report indicated that the proposal would also change how prisoners are counted for redistricting purposes and alter some redistricting deadlines.

In addition, it would change the vote total needed to approve redistricting plans when only the Democratic party controls both the state Assembly and Senate, The City said.

Now, a two-thirds majority is required in each house to approve new electoral maps when just one party is in charge of the Legislature, as Democrats are now, according to City & State New York. If proposal one passes, only a simple majority would be required to approve redistricting plans during one-party rule. Republicans aren’t happy, City & State said.

Republicans have argued that Democrats are rearranging the process in their favor and intentionally leaving the minority party with less power. Supporters of the proposal say it will ensure redistricting gets done on time and with less partisan bias, according to The City.

A yes vote on proposal one means you’re in favor of all the changes it would make. A no vote is being called for by Langworthy and his GOP associates in order to preserve and maintain electoral integrity.

Ballot initiatives three and four deal directly with elections, according to the SILive report.

Number three would delete the current requirement in the state constitution that voters be registered at least 10 days before an election. Removing that requirement would allow the Legislature to pass laws allowing same-day voter registration.

SI Live also reported that a yes vote would remove the current 10-day requirement from the constitution, but would not automatically create same-day registration. The Legislature would have to pass that separately, according to Spectrum News.

A yes vote on question four would change the constitution to allow what’s known as “no excuse” absentee voting. If the proposal is approved, New Yorkers would be able to get absentee ballots without providing a specific reason, according to Gothamist.

Currently, absentee ballots are only allowed to go to people traveling away from their polling place on Election Day. People who are ill or disabled can also get them.

Langworthy and his associates in initiating the “Just Say No” tour are aiming to educate the voting public in New York about these ballot proposals and how dangerous they would be for Republicans to ever secure victories in any upcoming elections. (Sources: SILive.com)



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