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Monday, May 23, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Jews and the Democratic Party

Dear Editor:

I admit I was once a Jewish-Umbilical-Cord Democrat. As a sad matter of fact, I’ve found many of my Jewish age contemporaries to still continue to hone to the tenets of the Democrat Party rather than those expounded by the Torah and our sages. They rabidly support the likes of Congresspeople Omar, Pressley, Bush and AOC who would be the first to usher us all into the “showers.” Are these Jews that stupid? Have they no inkling of the hatred the above legislators (and their party) have for us?

Our own rabbinical religious leaders remain mum, fearing the hostility of their Progressive shul members who threaten to curtail their contracts for having the chutzpah and the moral obligation to speak the truth to their congregations. Rabbis should be outspoken, fearless and brave to warn us of the fact that we are now in the midst of Holocaust II. That should be their prime obligation to their people.

Janet Sider
The Bronx


Why Key Jews are Silent

Dear Editor:

My response to last week’s letter about why key Jews are silent is that they are fearful of being labeled as “bad, racist, bigoted Jews.” Unlike blacks, Hispanics, gays and overt racists, Jews, even if they are better educated, wealthier and even despised by these groups, hide like the cowards they are. They side with their enemies, belong to the Democrat Party, join radicals in their marches and try to blend in with the “in-crowd.” They want to assimilate and be accepted. That’s how they walked quietly, wooden bars of soap in their hands to the gas chambers. Jews have no gene for self survival, or of self respect.

Stuart Davis
Boynton Beach, FL


Illegal Immigrants in Westchester?

Dear Editor:

I just heard that planeloads of illegals are being flown to Westchester County at night. Were any of our local elected officials informed of these actions by the feds? If so, why not and if not, why wasn’t the community made aware of these doings? Who picked up these people and who is housing them, schooling the children? What are their medical conditions? Basically, American citizens are being made fools of by our president and his cronies who are running our country into the ground.

Philip Bitetto
Mt. Vernon, NY


Can Joe Biden Complete His Term?

Dear Editor:

Joe Biden is beyond help; medical or psychological. Let’s all face it. He’s on the verge of a complete mental breakdown if he doesn’t just plain collapse from the physical strain of feigning a jog to the podium. His smile is a weak one, often seen on the faces of those undergoing treatment for psychological disorders. His wife is all over him, protecting him from falling, losing his way back to the limo or just drooling on his tie.

She’s keeping him alive for the camera. How much longer can this scenario play out? The media, as friendly as they are to him and as kind as they are to his disorders, are losing patience with his refusing to answer their questions about the economy, inflation, China, Iran, the border, Covid, education and crime, all of which are devastating the country. And to make matters worse, his Designated Hitter, Kamala, is nowhere near the plate to come to bat for him. I’ve rarely seen worse movies on the screen.

Martin Pfeffer


The Downfall of America

Dear Editor,

Our nation no longer has borders. We have lost the military power we had just a year ago. We are back to being energy dependent on unfriendly sources. Our control of the Chinese virus apparently is lost. People are being paid to leave their jobs, stay home and watch TV. Businesses are closing due to lack of workers or virus restrictions. Crime is rampant in our major cities. Store shelves are barren of goods with the gift giving holidays around the corner. Parents are being treated as domestic terrorists. And real domestic terrorists are sitting in Congress. The President is apparently unaware of his surroundings and his speeches are too complicated, containing many three syllable words, too difficult for him to pronounce. And we are only in the 9th month of Biden’s term.

Holy crap! Are we screwed or what? Do we honestly think that Kamala will be any better? I think I’ll rely on my friends, Johnny Walker and Jim Beam for support in these trying times.

David Whitman
Massapequa, New York


The Dangers of “The Squad”

Dear Editor:

I’m concerned about the Jewish population in this country. The Democratic Party is now run by open Jew haters such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Andre Carson and a host of other like-minded lunatics. Hank Johnson, a black congressman from Georgia even called Jews “termites.” And guess what you normally do to termites? Legislators of color, or colored legislators, if you will, have our number and if left alone, without being called to task for their comments and clear goals, will spearhead another Holocaust, right here at home. It’s growing.

Why is there not a massive movement of Jews and their supporters to repudiate and vote out of office these haters before they become more in number and gain support from others? Where are our religious leaders in this matter? Aren’t their pulpits to be used to protect Jews from their enemies? My own rabbi in Boca Raton spent his time at the bima lecturing us on how to gracefully receive the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into our communities and not a word of the Israelis being under the Hamas gun at this very moment. Or of the Jews in NYC being beaten by blacks daily. Do we have to push them to act as Jewish leaders? Do they have no conscience?

Ralph Kerner
Boca Raton, FL

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