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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Does President Biden Deserve Criticism?

Dear Editor,

Why does the Jewish Voice constantly keep bashing President Biden? He took over from Trump who was the worst president of all times After all, what did Trump do for American Jews or for Israel? I’d like some of your readers to explain to me why they still support Trump even though he is a liar and buffoon. Jews should stick together with the Democrats under Biden and true Jewish leaders like Schumer, Deutch, Nadler and Schiff to get us out of the problems Trump led us into. Stop attacking the true American leader, our President who has been in Congress over 40 years and wants to keep America safe and secure. Let’s look for his achievements and push them.

Lester Silverstein
Upper Manhattan


Educating Jewish Youth

Dear Editor:

I’ve seen no letters that congratulate your paper for the news you put out, the stance you take on supporting Jews around the world and your variety of articles, stories and even advertising that keeps your paper interesting. I would only comment that it be distributed in more venues and news stands for the public to be able to get familiar with its contents.

Maybe a section for kids would help in your distribution to families. Comics, cartoons and even a children’s section devoted to books and stories. How about reaching out to Jewish kids for them to comment and write on current events or history? Could bring in more readership. Do you distribute to Yeshivas and synagogues in the city?

Irwin Tannen

The Dangers of “The Squad”

Dear Editor:

I’m concerned about the Jewish population in this country. The Democratic Party is now run by open Jew haters such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Andre Carson and a host of other like-minded lunatics. Hank Johnson, a black congressman from Georgia even called Jews “termites.” And guess what you normally do to termites? Legislators of color, or colored legislators, if you will, have our number and if left alone, without being called to task for their comments and clear goals, will spearhead another Holocaust, right here at home. It’s growing.

Why is there not a massive movement of Jews and their supporters to repudiate and vote out of office these haters before they become more in number and gain support from others? Where are our religious leaders in this matter? Aren’t their pulpits to be used to protect Jews from their enemies? My own rabbi in Boca Raton spent his time at the bima lecturing us on how to gracefully receive the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into our communities and not a word of the Israelis being under the Hamas gun at this very moment. Or of the Jews in NYC being beaten by blacks daily. Do we have to push them to act as Jewish leaders? Do they have no conscience?

Ralph Kerner
Boca Raton, FL


The Thought of Kamala Harris as President

Dear Editor:

Kudos to your editorial of Sept. 24, 2021, “Is a Bumbling Biden a Danger to Our Nation?” hit the nail on the head. It went straight to the heart of the matter. And that is, how in the world will this nation survive until he’s out of office? Will that day be in 2024 or earlier once his handlers remove him because of his total loss of awareness of where he is, what his title is, or when he won’t be able to recognize his own face in the mirror? It has to be obvious, even to the lowest of intelligence Liberal, that our leader is out of it. His walk is that seemingly tied to the beat of a metronome. His eyes are glazed over, squinting, peering into the teleprompters that cue his words to the public. He finds it hard to read the script and frequently talks number goggle-dee-gook in reciting them. He refuses to answer questions from an already skeptical press corps that shoveled him into office. He’s easy pickings for our enemies.

His time is short but just the thought of Kamala Harris stepping into the job of national leader is frightening. The future looks bleak. Will our national electorate vote out the radicals from congress next year? That’s our only hope for survival.

Martin Timmons

Wants Jewish Congressional Caucus

Dear Editor,

Why aren’t Jewish Congressmen/women as united for their people as black ones are? Blacks stick together no matter what and Jews fight with one another. This makes our enemies stronger. Who is there in Congress who can speak for us common Jews? Our elite surely don’t.

Why isn’t there a Jewish Congressional Caucus to stand up when the likes of Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib slap us around and reinforce Jew haters? Why don’t our rabbis speak up politically as do black preachers? Black churches are used as political podiums for their Democrat politicians. It’s time we got together to fight for our Jewish survival. There’s not much time left.

Edward Machlin

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