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Has Anyone Noticed Nobody is Voting?

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Analysis by Gary Tilzer

Analysis by Gary Tilzer


1.8 % of the City Voted in Frist 5 Days of Early Voting. Are the voters sending a message that they believe the election is over or that they do not care? In 2013 Democratic Primary runoff de Blasio won in a low voting election with less than 3% of the vote. The vote may increase in the next few days when candidates concern about the low turnout begin knocking on door and tying up you phone with calls. There are only 4 or 5 seriously contested elections in the City 2 or 3 are in S.I.


After 6 Days of Early Voting


City Wide Voted  91,753

Registered 4,992,792

Voted 1.8%


Manhattan  27,180

Registered 1,070.164

Voted  2,5%


Bronx 11,264

Registered 772,279

Voted  1.5%


Brooklyn 23,767

Registered 1,565,209

Voted   1.5%


Queens  19,830

Registered 1,267,646

Voted  1.6%


Staten Island 9,712

Registered 317,494

Voted 3.1%


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