Google To Punish Publications And Skeptics Who Question “Climate Change”

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

(AP, with TJV NEWS) Google is taking action to stop climate change deniers(Editors Note: A.P is using politically charged language, “deniers” is a term used to stifle the scientific process, science constantly changes and thousands of climatologists do not agree with climate change hypothesis) from spreading misinformation( Editors Note: AP without researching uses the term”misinformation” without investigating what individuals who disagree with climate change hypothesis, actually bring to the table, TJV News believes in a free press and access to all info; most alleged climate “misinformation” points to solar activity which affects weather and other scientists which have empirically proven almost every prediction from climate change believers has not come to fruition) or making money by blocking digital ads promoting false climate change claims from appearing alongside content on its platforms.

In other words, Google is punishing publications that are keeping an important scientific debate alive. Regardless of the repeated mantra of “the science is settled”, there is much debate in the climatology world regarding Anthropogenic global warming, (AGW)

TJV recommends a blog called Climate Depot to get a more complete picture of the climate change debate (LINK)

The company said Thursday in a blog post that it was rolling out a new policy for YouTube video creators. advertisers and publishers.

The new rules “will prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change,” the blog post said.

The rules will apply to any content calling climate change a hoax or denying that greenhouse gas emissions and human activity have contributed to the earth’s long-term warming. 

Google is taking a stance against the scientific process and using science as a political weapon.

“In recent years, we’ve heard directly from a growing number of our advertising and publisher partners who have expressed concerns about ads that run alongside or promote inaccurate claims about climate change,” Google’s ad team said.

The company said advertisers don’t want their ads appearing next to content denying climate change, and publishers and creators don’t want them appearing on their pages or videos.

Google said it would use both automated tools and human reviewers to enforce the policy when it takes effect in November.

Earlier this week, Google rolled out new features aimed at helping users reduce their carbon footprints, including a search function that shows which flights have lower emissions.