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Facebook’s Cryptic File of “Dangerous Individuals & Organizations” Revealed

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According to an incisive report on “The Intercept” web site, it would appear that social media giant Facebook has meticulously comprised a list of “Dangerous Individuals & Organizations” that are prohibited from broadcasting their “reprehensible” on the platform. For its part, Facebook asserts that these individuals and organizations provide expert assistance in promoting terrorism, racial and religious hate and in many instances promulgate the kind of egregious violence that can lead to murder.

According to the Intercept article by Sam Biddle, critics say that Facebook’s DIO policy calls for the selection of certain communities for punitive measures over others. The list he writes is “built atop a blacklist of over 4000 people and groups, including politicians, writers, charities, hospitals, hundreds of music acts and long-dead historical figures.”

The Intercept article also indicated that experts have said that “the list and associated rules appear to be a clear embodiment of American anxieties, political concerns, and foreign policy values since 9/11, even though the DIO policy is meant to protect all Facebook users and applies to those who reside outside of the United States (the vast majority). Nearly everyone and everything on the list is considered a foe or threat by America or its allies: Over half of it consists of alleged foreign terrorists, free discussion of which is subject to Facebook’s harshest censorship.”

Facebook’s policy director for counterterrorism and dangerous organizations, Brian Fishman, said in a written statement that the company keeps the list secret because “this is an adversarial space, so we try to be as transparent as possible, while also prioritizing security, limiting legal risks and preventing opportunities for groups to get around our rules.” The Intercept also reported that he added, “We don’t want terrorists, hate groups or criminal organizations on our platform, which is why we ban them and remove content that praises, represents or supports them. A team of more than 350 specialists at Facebook is focused on stopping these organizations and assessing emerging threats. We currently ban thousands of organizations, including over 250 white supremacist groups at the highest tiers of our policies, and we regularly update our policies and organizations who qualify to be banned.”

The list, the foundation of Facebook’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, is in many ways what the company has described in the past: a collection of groups and leaders who have threatened or engaged in bloodshed, as was reported by Biddle in the Intercept. The snapshot reviewed by The Intercept is separated into the categories Hate, Crime, Terrorism, Militarized Social Movements, and Violent Non-State Actors. These categories were organized into a system of three tiers under rules rolled out by Facebook in late June, with each tier corresponding to speech restrictions of varying severity.

Here is a link to Facebook’s DIO list:




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