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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down Worldwide, Zuck Loses $6 Billion in Hours, Coinciding with Facebook Whistleblower Expose

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(TJVNEWS) For several hours, and Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger, have been down. Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp.

Shares of Facebook, which has nearly 2 billion daily active users, fell 5.5 percent in afternoon trading on Monday, inching towards its worst day in nearly a year.

It means that the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg – who owns around 14 percent of the firm – has seen his wealth plummet by nearly $7billion in a matter of hours, Bloomberg reported.

According to internet researchers, Facebook appears to be dealing with a Domain Name System (DNS) issue.

Internet security researcher Brian Krebs tweeted:

Confirmed: The DNS records that tell systems how to find Facebook.com or Instagram.com got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables. Can you imagine working at FB right now, when your email no longer works & all your internal FB-based tools fail?

To be more precise (and Geek Factor 5) the BGP routes serving Facebook’s authoritative DNS were withdrawn, rendering all Facebook domains inaccessible. That’s per @DougMadory , who knows a few things about BGP/DNS.

NBC News’ Kevin Collier called the DNS issues at Facebook “really bad.”

Downdector reports that Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are experiencing issues and /or outages worldwide.

The outage comes just before a Facebook whistleblower is set to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

The timing of the widespread outages comes as a Facebook whistleblower will be testifying before Congress on Tuesday. The whistleblower appeared on “60 Minutes” Sunday, detailing the tech company’s mission to put profit before doing “what was good for the public,” including clamping down on hate speech, Zero Hedge reported.

Shares of the tech company slid 5,5% by early afternoon, tumbling not just on the whistleblower but also the global outage.


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