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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Does Netflix Have a Jewish Problem?

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By Lieba Nesis

As Netflix garnered increased viewership during the pandemic, questions persist as to it becoming a platform for anti-Semitism and hate speech. Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer” is a paradigm of vitriol and hate being spewed with abandon. While the trans community was rightfully up in arms due to his hateful comments, within the first ten minutes of his show he insults Jews, Asians, and preachers-the worst part being his lack of humor. If he was white this kind of rhetoric would result in a lifelong ban. He commented he wanted to produce a film called “Space Jews” where a group leaves the planet and when treated poorly return to reclaim the world to which one of his audience member’s screams “Free Palestine.”

The stereotyping of Jews as aliens who seek to control the world is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Chappelle’s hatred extends to preachers as well, joking that he was sexually abused as a young child but enjoyed it because he was able to ejaculate all over the preachers face as requested. Besides not being funny, making light of sexual assault is mortifying. Netflix which prides itself on exposing the sexual abuse of Jeffrey Epstein with one documentary after another, turns a blind eye when profits and awards abound.

Co-CEO’s Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings care about one thing-bottom line revenue. And so, according to an employee who was later fired, they forked over $24.1 million for the Chappelle filth. When heavy investments like this occur, it is certain every minute of the documentary was viewed and reviewed-and yet, it all passed muster. CEO Sarandos defended his decision by pointing to other content on Netflix that is loathsome including the shows “My Unorthodox Life” and “Cuties.”

“My Unorthodox Life” was a black eye for the Jewish community as the lead character ,Julia Haart, continually bashes orthodoxy and compares it to fundamentalism. Her whorish desire for fame galvanized the orthodox community who were forced to defend benign practices such as wearing skirts or lighting candles. Haart actually approached Netflix’s Jeff Jenkins in her desperate bid for notoriety, along with her children whom she revealed were equally hungry for fame. And despite the uproar and relatively modest viewership (it never hit Top Ten), Netflix decided to renew this garbage for a second season. The other show “Cuties” which Sarandos defended backing, glorifies pedophilia and the sexualization of 11-year-old girls-too bad Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t enjoy this one.

The pursuit of Jew bashing content was halted in August 2018, when Netflix pulled a film extolling Louis Farrakhan, someone who referred to Hitler as a “great man”, due to excessive controversy. Netflix can’t get enough of orthodox trashing, so along with its production of violent and explicit sex (365 Days, Sex/Life) and its glorification of killing (The Squid Game) if you want to go after the Jewish religion call CEO Sarandos. The miniseries “Unorthodox” was similarly about a religious Brooklyn girl fleeing to Berlin to escape the horrific confines of Judaism-soonds worse then Afghanistan-yet the Muslim religion has largely been spared from Netflix’s barrage.

If you haven’t had your fill of Jew hating, Netflix added a category of “Palestinian Stories” which glorifies anti-Israel terrorism and depicts Israel as a state of oppressors.
How worried should the Jewish community be? Very, with over 209 million subscribers, including 72 million in the United States and Canada alone, its impact is unfortunately far-reaching and consequential with no signs of abating. Over 40% of its programming is original content so it actively seeks profit producing shows which seem to include hate mongering.

Some other programming reeking of Jew hatred includes “Umbrella Academy” which depicts an underground society of lizard people who control the world-who also happen to speak Yiddish-perfect let’s renew it-even better it was written by jew Katherine Locke so akin to “My Unorthodox Life” if critiqued the defense “it was made by a  Jew” readily exists. The last and perhaps most overt slap in the face to the Jewish community was the purchase of rabid anti-Semite Roald Dahl’s works to bring all of his back catalogue to screens. Even Dahl’s estate called his anti-Semitic positions “incomprehensible.” Yet as expected, Netflix is unapologetic and unwilling to explore the danger of his hatred.

With global anti-Semitism on the rise Netflix’s wide reaching service will have dire consequences for our children’s future. Its active pursuit and embrace of anti-Jewish content bodes poorly for our future. Netflix is proud of its hateful content, and in denying accountability it is guaranteed its pernicious content will continue to remain unchecked

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