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Chaim Deutsch, Dov Hikind & Prominent Rabbonim Endorse Inna Vernikov for City Council

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In the Election that is coming up on Tuesday, November 2, Democrats Chaim Deutsch and Dov Hikind crossed Party lines and declared that they will be voting for Republican Inna Vernikov for City Council in a district that includes Flatbush, Gravesend and Madison. Additionally, all the Rabbonim who gave an endorsement also came out in favor of Vernikov.

Inna Vernikov was born in Ukraine where her family, like all others, was secular. Upon coming to the U.S. as a child, she went to a Yeshiva and then to two seminaries. She embraced Orthodox Judaism, the only one in her family to keep kosher or Shabbat. As a law school student, she successfully fought to move her graduation from Saturday to avoid the desecration of her faith.

As a lawyer, Vernikov was active in multiple organizations that fought anti-Semitism, landing her efforts on the cover of the New York Post, among other media. Following the shooting of the Pittsburgh shul, she founded an organization that provided security assessments to Jewish organizations.

Her start in politics began as a volunteer for State Senator David Storobin, the only Jewish Republican to get elected in the 21st century in New York City. Displaying intelligence and leadership, she was quickly promoted to become the press secretary on his campaign.

Later she got a job in the office of Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who also quickly promoted her. After leaving office, Hikind created “Americans Against Anti-Semitism,” and Vernikov became one of the organization’s leaders. Hikind and his wife Shani are now regularly campaigning for Vernikov. “I am a Democrat, but we do not need just another Democrat who will follow party leadership instead of doing what the district needs,” explained Dov Hikind in endorsing Vernikov. “Inna is an exceptional, exceptional person.”

Chaim Deutsch and his family also got to know Vernikov, and announced that they also will be voting for her. Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, among the many other Rabbonim, recognized Inna Venrikov as the leader our community needs and endorsed her.

Vernikov says she will fight against Progressive values, noting that the UFT – which endorsed her Democrat opponent Steven Saperstein – is trying to force private and religious schools to teach secular-progressive values under the guise of tolerance. “I embraced Emes as a child and I will fight for it as an elected official,” told us Vernikov.

She says that as Councilwoman she will support our police and will not allow BLM and Antifa riots to be brought to southern Brooklyn. Just as importantly, she wants to keep Jewish people safe as dozens have been attacked just for being Jewish. One of her main issues is refunding the police the billion dollars that Mayor Bill de Blasio cut from the NYPD budget, sending the crime wave through the roof.

She will work to clean up our streets – figuratively, by standing with the police against the criminals, and literally, by fighting for more effective sanitation. That is why all the Brooklyn Republicans and many Democrat moderates like Chaim Deutsch and Dov Hikind are jumping on board the Inna for Council train.

Early last week, Chaim Deutsch announced his support. A few days later, the New York Post endorsed Vernikov. This week, the Jewish Voice is endorsing her. The snowball that is her campaign is getting so much larger with every passing day because everyone who knows Vernikov knows she’s a fighter who can deliver for us.

On November 2, she will be the choice of the vast majority of the people in the frum community.

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