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Vaccinated Joe Rogan Contracts COVID, Recovers Quickly Using Drug Cocktail Including Ivermectin

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Joe Rogan, the popular podcast host and archnemesis of the mainstream media has just revealed that he has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to an announcement on his Instagram page.

Rogan has been attacked for several months, non-stop by corporate media figures on CNN and other networks, claiming he is no longer influential. The unhinged and unproven claims began shortly after Rogan, said he does not support vaccinating healthy children.  Rogan is individual freedom.

On Wednesday, Rogan told his Instagram audience he “got back from the road Saturday night feeling very weary. I had a headache. I felt just run down.”

His symptoms progressed during the following day, and the next day, he tested positive for COVID-19.

“So we threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds,” Rogan said, adding that he took a Z-Pak (aka the antibiotic azithromycin), prednisolone (a corticosteroid used to treat inflammation) and Ivermectin, which is a drug used for decades to treat a wide variety of parasitic and other infections – and more recently, Covid.

“I did that three days in a row,” he said. “And here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great. I really only had one bad day — Sunday sucked.”


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