Protest in Nazareth: ‘The Intifada will be back’

In Nazareth, Arabs hold demonstration in support of six terrorists who escaped prison

Dalit Halevi(A7) Dozens of youths and civilians in Nazareth on Saturday night held a protest in solidarity with security prisoners and the six terrorists who escaped the Gilboa Prison earlier this week.

According to Panet, the protesters held signs with pictures of the escaped security prisoners, as well as signs with the slogans, “Freedom for our prisoners,” “Zakaria [Zubeidi] go on your path, and we are with you on the path to free Palestine,” and, “Ho Zionist, listen up, the Intifada will be back.”

The protesters also condemned the “agents,” sang songs of support for the prisoners, and called the escaped prisoners “heroes.”

The Communist Party published an announcement criticizing the false allegations made against a large population and the city of Nazareth regarding transferring information to the authorities, which helped locate the escaped prisoners.

According to the Communist Party, the actions of individuals do not reflect the stance of the city and the public. The party emphasized that the city of Nazareth was a partner in all of the nationalist milestones and national battles, including the latest uprising in May.