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Letters to the Editor

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Endorsement of Matt DePerno

Dear Editor:

Super Lawyer Matthew DePerno is running for Attorney General in the Great State of Michigan. He has defended the Constitution for 20 years, and has been on the front lines pursuing fair and accurate elections, as he relentlessly fights to reveal the truth about the Nov. 3rd Presidential Election Scam.

Dana Nessel, the Radical Left, and the RINOs are targeting Matt because he gets results and has exposed so much Voter Fraud in Antrim County, and many more places, in the 2020 Election. He will never give up, and that’s why they absolutely cannot stand him!

Matt will properly enforce the laws for everyone—unlike what the out-of-control Radical Left Prosecutors are doing now. He will always defend our under siege Second Amendment, loves our Military and our Vets, and will restore Law and Order in the face of rampant and record-setting crime in Michigan. Matt DePerno has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will never let you down!

Donald J Trump –
45th President of the United States


Open Letter to Judge About Michigan Synagogue

(The following is an open letter to Judge Victoria Roberts)

To: The Honorable Judge Roberts

Re: Beth Israel Synagogue, Anne Arbor, Michigan

Dear Judge Roberts,

Upholding a democracy always means juggling the “rights” of individuals, groups and society as a whole. The First Amendment’s intent is to protect this delicate balancing. You could easily could have “placed reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on the protestors – for example, by ordering that the protests take place physically further away from the synagogue, or that they take place at a time that does not coincide with when most of the worshippers enter and exit the synagogue to pray. Such reasonable restrictions would protect the protestors’ First Amendment rights while at the same time protecting Jewish worshippers’ First Amendment right to practice their religion as they choose, unimpeded.”

But you chose not to.

I wonder how you or your children would feel being called racists and genocidal murderers while walking to your church to pray? Jews immediately recognize these exact terms as the same the Nazis used to demonize Jews, before they rounded them up and killed them. The Big Lies, Jews are controlling the world, are too powerful, secretly control and manipulate, are responsible for the woes of, you name it, Arabs, the world, wars, even 9-11. These are nothing but centuries old vicious Jew hate, now resurrected as anti Israel, anti Zionism: “Resist Jewish Power,” “Jewish Power Corrupts,” “End the Palestinian Holocaust,” and “Zionism is Racism.”

This is exactly what these “protesters” are doing, yet you chose to sanction and enable this disgraceful outrage against Jewish children, women and men who simply want to walk to their synagogue without being verbally assaulted, insulted and called anti-Semitic, hateful, demonizing names, reminiscent of 1930’s Germany when verbal assaults on Jews began. Verbal dehumanizing of a people is followed by violent acts. And today we witness swastikas, graffiti on synagogues, arson and killings of Jews while praying. The feeling of safety is gone if you are a Jew today. Whether you are a Zionist or not, being Jewish today is being a target for attacks.

You have in effect, joined with this mob by rejecting the simple and fair to all, placement of reasonable time and place restrictions, while allowing the protests to continue while also protecting the Jewish people who simply want to walk to their synagogue and exit it, with some peace of mind.

I can only hope you will reconsider. Let’s hope you or your children are never verbally assaulted, called vicious, dehumanizing names, called racists and worse, while walking to your own place of worship. Is this what it will take for you to understand how harmful your actions are. You have set precedent for this to happen elsewhere. I hope it never does. Never Again means Never Again.

Ginette Weiner


Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

Dear Editor:

The pandemic has helped us learn at least two vital messages very well.

We all learned not to take anything in life for granted. Not family gatherings, events, our daily schedules, hugs – or even our own breath. We’ve learned to appreciate everything more, as we now have seen that it can all be taken away – and quickly.

Another vital message we have learned is how important it is to strengthen our immune systems. When young people are given the chance to joyfully learn the skills needed to keep the immune system strong from a very early age, we are doing what is within our power to help them lead healthy, happy, and long lives.

It helps to let children know that our bodies were designed to move. Being sedentary is not beneficial for our health. In fact, our lymphatic system is stimulated by our movement, and we need our lymphatic system to circulate within our bodies to help fight off germs.

It is also helpful to educate children about how the more processed food is, the more it has been depleted of its natural fiber, water, and nutrients. Whole natural foods were designed to be delicious and nutritious, while over-processed food is designed to delicious and addictive. The processed food causes inflammation in our blood vessels because it actually causes the drawing out of nutrients from our bodies in order for the unnatural food to be digested. This leads to health problems over time.

The body is better equipped to have the strength and energy to fight off germs when it is provided with an adequate amount of sleep. Getting enough sleep is a mood booster too.

Brushing teeth and washing hands with soap is vital – even when it doesn’t appear that way to children – and that’s because germs are so tiny that they can’t be seem with our eyes.

Too much stress also weakens the ability of the immune system to fight off germs. That’s why learning calming skills, reframing, and gratitude exercises in childhood is extremely beneficial.

We learn in Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers, 4:19), “When someone learns as a child, what is it like? Ink written on fresh paper.” It sinks in and makes an impression that lasts. The earlier children can internalize the physical and spiritual nourishment they need to thrive throughout life, the better.

Bracha Goetz

Author of “Let’s Stay Healthy” –  a book for young children

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