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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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Biden’s Six-Point Harangue

Dear Editor:

(An Open Letter to Joe Biden)

To President Joe Biden, I have one simple question. How dare you lie so shamelessly? Your six-point harangue that countermands pretty much everything you promised a few months ago was an effort to listen to, so likely was it to provide a catastrophic rise in blood pressure and apoplexy to discerning listeners. Your embarrassing lack of care and attention to life and commitment in Afghanistan, this month and last month, puts the gross lie to everything our alleged President said so unresonantly, so reductively, and so bombastically for endless repetitions on the same theme, over and over and over and over until we chucked up our supper at the massive blarney and malarky dished out by the man whose invisible presidential campaign had that as a bus slogan: No malarky, or the like. Throughout the fruited plains, fact checkers all had a coronary finding the myriad falsehoods pounding out of the unfortunate piehole of this most disgraceful, uneloquent mumbler and divider, a man unequaled in persiflage and unmitigated baloney dished out like unidentified Irish stew to the starving homeless. We are not mongrel curs like your stranger-biting Major. We are citizens of worth and education, far in excess of the poverty-thick intellectual heft of the Commander-in -Thief that faced us all tonight, 9 September 2021. You kept repeating how it’s your “responsibility to keep the people” of the country “safe,” yet last month and this, you demonstrated extreme boredom with answering any questions on life and death, no hyperbole, in Afghanistan, where you casually abandoned perhaps a thousand or more Americans, assets, interpreters, helpers of our long stay in that Middle Eastern fraught backwater. You recklessly abandoned nearly $90 billion in first-world, brand-new materiel, weapons, air carriers, night-vision goggles. And vehicles in staggering number and complexity. All for insane-making free. We paid for those with our sweat and blood. Although, alleged Mr 46, you let women be shot point-blank. You let Americans be rifle-butted and beaten time and again as they tried to access readied airplanes to safety. You let aliens, likely unwanted illiterate throwbacks without any ‘documentation’ at all, board planes instead of American citizens and consular staff and our contractors of all sorts. They will be tortured, abused, or simply shot point blank in the ragtag-run Taliban — because of your cowardice and alleged impromptu ‘all-contingencies plan’— Mr. So-called President. We are so outraged our entire family has shifted from voting Democrat to registering as Republican. We take exception to your insulting governors who differ from you. They have that right. Even medical personnel have their reasons for not undergoing the needle. Moreover: You do not have a mandate to destroy the country as astonishingly you have napped through and gruffly presided over eight months of torture and abysmal

national decline.

M DS Dreyfus
NYC – Upper Left Side


Protecting NY’s Nursing Homes Residents

(The following is an open letter to NYS Governor Kathy Hochul from Richard Mollott of the Long Term Care Community Coalition)

Dear Governor Hochul:

Welcome to your new office – we are excited to work with your administration to promote the health and well-being of New York seniors, disabled individuals, and families.

We are writing today to urge you to use your new office to act quickly to protect the lives and dignity of residents in nursing homes, assisted living, and other adult care facilities. As all New Yorkers (and, unfortunately, the world) saw, the well-being of nursing home residents was largely discounted and disregarded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though assisted living residents often have similar needs and vulnerabilities, COVID’s impact on them, undoubtedly profound, is far less known, due to a lack of oversight and transparency for these facilities in New York.

Change is both urgently needed and, with your leadership, achievable. The pandemic exposed and exacerbated long-standing, system-wide failures to keep residents safe and treat them with dignity. Your administration has the authority and ability to make swift, appreciable change by improving accountability and transparency in our state’s long-term care sector.

Please find our statement on public priorities for nursing home reform, as well as our policy brief on nursing home funding. With over 30 years’ experience working to improve nursing home care in NY, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your staff to address these urgent problems and regain the public’s trust in its long-term care system.

Richard Mollott
Long Term Care Community Coalition


Is the FDA Collapsing?

Dear Editor:

Political pressure and anxiety over a fourth wave of the Coronavirus is now replacing clinical data and science. President Joe Biden’s overused talking point in stating ‘science will dictate the vaccines’ seems to be going by the wayside with the White House pressuring the Food and Drug Administration following a pre-emptive announcement to rollout the COVID-19 booster (third shot) on September 20.

The fallout from Biden’s booster push may be responsible for a major mutiny and increasing discord within the FDA. Two of the agency’s top regulators are out as increased pressure mounts to authorize vaccine booster shots and doses for young children under the age of 12.

The two regulators resigning are Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR), and OVRR Deputy Director Phil Krause. Gruber has been with the FDA for more than 30 years, and Krause has been at the agency for more than a decade. Their departure is a huge loss for the agency with key roles in addressing critical vaccine-related issues and side-effects.

It may not end here with a festering rebellion within the agency who seem to be out of lockstep with the WH and the CDC over the premature decision to anoint a drug into the veins of young children who for vast majority are not at any risk of hospitalization when contracting the virus.

These key resignations may have likely been a culmination of events with the highly conspicuous, yet much heralded FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 shot on August 23rd. With Biden, the CDC, and the media’s capricious tone on the remaining nail of hesitancy pried away to induce the unvaccinated to roll up their sleeves, the president and world leaders now have their stick to mandate vaccines for all federal government employees.

This momentum has resulted in large corporations, hospitals, the travel industry, and higher education leading the way in requiring their employees and students to be vaccinated in order to return to the workplace or school. The extension of the vaccine mandate has resulted in the momentum for vaccine passports to attend civic events, restaurants, riding public transportation, and moving about freely in the marketplace.

A second EUA letter from the FDA to Pfizer simply grants the stayed Emergency Use Authorization of an experimental drug now branded as Comirnaty and now permits injection of persons aged 12 through 15 years under emergency sanction. Pfizer must also include warnings of side effects related to pericarditis and myocarditis. Let’s be clear, this experimental vaccine is not fully approved for use as prescribed and perceived in the media; and the shots should not be mandated and legally forced while under further clinical reviews.

Rich Berdan

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