Glenn Greenwald: Afghan Family was Killed to Protect Biden from a Bad News Cycle


Journalist Glenn Greenwald, in a scorching series of Tweets, goes after the Biden administration for the droning to death of an Afghani family of 10. When the drone attack occurred, the media reported that Biden heroically stopped an “imminent threat” and “ISIS facilitator”, well in reality an innocent family was droned to death and the alleged terrorist, was not setting up an explosive device but filling up a water bottle. Greenwald puls no punches in his series of Tweets and raises many questions.

Greenwald, who is a liberal, points out the media was quick to boast about the drone strike, and we are seeing little follow-up after the truth has come out. He draws the conclusion, that the drone strike was ordered in order to fix the media cycle, which at the moment was reflecting Biden in a negative light. A week later, the Biden administration shifted the argument away from Afghanistan and towards vaccines and strict vaccine mandates.