An Open Letter to Joe Biden – Check Your Facts

Photo Credit: AP

Mr. Biden:

How dare you lie so shamelessly?

Your six-point harangue that countermands pretty much everything
you promised a few months ago was an effort to listen to, so likely
was it to provide a catastrophic rise in blood pressure and apoplexy
to discerning listeners.

Your embarrassing lack of care and attention to life and commitment in
Afghanistan, this month and last month, puts the gross lie to everything
our alleged President said so unresonantly, so reductively, and so bombastically
for endless repetitions on the same theme, over and over and over and over
until we chucked up our supper at the massive blarney and malarkey dished out
by the man whose invisible presidential campaign had that as a bus slogan: No
malarkey, or the like.

Throughout the fruited planes, fact checkers all had a coronary finding the
myriad falsehoods pounding out of the unfortunate pie hole of this most
disgraceful, uneloquent mumbler and divider, a man unequaled in persiflage
and unmitigated baloney dished out like unidentified Irish stew to the starving

We are not mongrel curs like your stranger-biting Major. We are citizens of worth
and education, far in excess of the poverty-thick intellectual heft of the Commander-in
-Thief that faced us all tonight, 9 September 2021.

You kept repeating how it’s your “responsibility to keep the people” of the country
“safe,” yet last month and this, you demonstrated extreme boredom with answering
any questions on life and death, no hyperbole, in Afghanistan, where you casually
abandoned perhaps a thousand or more Americans, assets, interpreters,
helpers of our long stay in that Middle Eastern fraught backwater. You recklessly
abandoned nearly $90 billion in first-world, brand-new materiel, weapons, air carriers,
night-vision goggles. And vehicles in staggering number and complexity.

All for insane-making free.

We paid for those with our sweat and blood.

Although, alleged Mr 46, you let women be shot point-blank. You let Americans be
rifle-butted and beaten time and again as they tried to access readied airplanes to safety.
You let aliens, likely unwanted illiterate throwbacks without any ‘documentation’ at
all, board planes instead of American citizens and consular staff and our contractors
of all sorts.

They will be tortured, abused, or simply shot point blank in the ragtag-run Taliban —
because of your cowardice and alleged impromptu ‘all-contingencies plan’–
Mr. So-called President.

We are so outraged our entire family has shifted from voting Democrat to registering
as Republican. We take exception to your insulting governors who differ from you.
They have that right. Even medical personnel have their reasons for not undergoing the needle.

Moreover: You do not have a mandate to destroy the country as astonishingly
you have napped through and gruffly presided over eight months of torture and abysmal
national decline.

Your jobs report was less than a third of what you predicted, but your speech
manifested none of that actuality–indeed, you lied yet again in saying the recent jobs
report was over 700,000. An untruth. Another in a long queue of Pinocchio’s favorite
hobby: Lying.

You stuck like SuperGlue to the unfortunate pandemic, lying about the doses ordered by
your far, far better predecessor–who ordered 600 million doses, but you cannot for the
life of you acknowledge your massive indebtedness to our real President, President

Your stunning lack of contrition is a symbolic representation of your false assertion of
your Catholicity–you are no more Catholic in your policies and shameful abuses of
the Church than a snail has of winning the annual Tour de France.

Blacks do not trust you. Whites, either. No one except the myopic and intellectually
desiccated mental corruptocratic progs pretend to believe you. You lie as soon as
your unnaturally Chicklet-white teeth become visible in a rictus of exaggerated emphasis.

Many have antibodies already from the virus. Many are allergic. Many are youth. Many
may be pregnant. And many may have catastrophic reactions to vaccination.

Your fecklessness is breathtaking. You simply do not care, or listen, or even try to understand.

I shudder to think what would have happened had I not returned from living abroad in
questionable countries before the suspicious declaration of your 2020 “win,” which no thoughtful
person believes either, with fraud up and down the country, dubious counts, tricky mail-in
ballors, false or dead voters, faked ballots, multiple voting, and all manner of Democrat cheating.

You, Sir, are an embarrassment and a national disgrace.

We shrink when we travel abroad to admit that you are the so-called President. Not
a soul has the scantiest pixel of respect for you or your appalling Marxist hatefulness
and divisiveness. Nor for your cabal of appointees and unacceptable agendae.

A pox on your policies. Stop printing money that disincentivizes cautious management
of resources–and debases our money and savings. Stop paying lay abouts to stay home.
Stop letting Obuma and Susan Ricin and other hateful Socialists puppeteer your fatigued

Do us all a huge favor and resign. Impeachment, sadly, is far too kind for your horrific
behavior, recklessness, and adventitious cruelties. You should by every measure be

Rescue the many terrified trapped and hostaged Americans, staffs and interpreters. Tell the
State department to shut their faxes, telephones, emails and mouths–let our people go.

And for Heavens’ sakes, close the hemorrhagic borders of the United States.

Make Delaware proud of her nativist squeamish son, a noted overachiever and meretricious


M DS Dreyfus
NYC – Upper Left Side