Actor Ben Stein Suspended By YouTube For Asking COVID Questions: WATCH BANNED VIDEO


Actor & lawyer Ben Stein has been suspended by YouTube after asking questions about Covid, vaccines, mandates, boosters and more.

Stein is most known for his role in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and the game show he hosted ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money” 

Below is the banned YouTube Video

The YouTube channel, “The World According To Ben Stein,” has been banned for a week as of Friday.

“Though shalt not question the Covid party line,” read Stein’s subheadline in an article he wrote about the censorship.

Touching on the suspension, the attorney and television personality said, “YouTube is such an immense communications entity that to be banned from it is to banned from national mass communication. Yes, it’s not part of the government, so the First Amendment does not strictly apply to it. BUT, it is so big that it approximates the government. And to be banned from it is to be banned from national debate on important issues.”

In March, Stein suffered extreme side effects after receiving a Covid vaccine.

After learning of his channel’s suspension, Stein wrote, “Our crime? That we had questioned the Covid vaccine and gone against the prevailing wisdom of the experts on Covid in our area and nationally. That was enough to get us banned on YouTube for a week.”

“We’ll find some way to get back ‘on the air,’ at least for a while. In the meantime, welcome to Biden/Big Tech Amerika. Sieg Heil!” he sarcastically stated.