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What to Expect from the New iphone 13

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The “iPhone 13” is expected to launch in late 2021 and could see some drastic changes that will affect day-to-day use. Apple may do anything from removing the Lightning port in favor of wireless charging to adding yet another camera for improved optical zoom.

Apple Insider Blog has a full report, which you can link to here- iphone13(LINK)

WSJ Reported:

Apple is, of course, hush-hush on what’s to come. A company spokeswoman declined to comment on future products. But iPhone production tends to be a leaky business, and I asked analysts who monitor Apple’s sales and supply chain to weigh in on the next iPhone.

First, what will it be called? The iPhone 13? It’s a likely bet, since Apple skipped the iPhone 11S and went right to the 12. WSJ report on the new iPhone (LINK)

Nothing is for certain s all information in thee stories is based on leaks.

Here is a video from Apple Insider


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