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STUDY: Eating A Serving Of Chicken Wings Shortens Your Life By More Than 3 Minutes

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A new study is bad news for fans of chicken wings and hotdogs.

According to a study conducted by Katerina Stylianou at the University of Michigan, eating a serving of chicken wings shortens your life by 3.3 minutes.

For fans of hotdogs, every single one eaten with a bun shortens your life by more than half an hour.


On the other side of the coin, salted peanuts, baked salmon and rice with beans could all add time to your life.


Honestly, this will do nothing to stop me from eating chicken wings. I already don’t eat hot dogs, but this won’t move the needle for me at all on the wings front.

If I die because I ate too many chicken wings, then just know that I went out smiling. Seriously, if I die over a plate of chicken wings, then know that I died doing what I love.


Am I seriously supposed to care about losing 3.3 minutes of my life because I’m eating wings? The answer is a hard no.

The only thing I’m thinking about when eating wings is when I’m going to order another round of food and cold beer.

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