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Letters to the Editor

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Israel Losing Control of Area C

Dear Editor:

The Subcommittee on Objections in the Supreme Planning Council in the Civil Administration will convene next week, after an eight-month lull. It will debate—in coordination with the Biden administration—the approval of construction plans in various planning stages of a little more than 2,000 Jewish housing units in Judea and Samaria. This figure is at least 2,000 units shorter than the original plan, and it coincides with the Defense Ministry’s approval of 1,000 building permits for PA Arabs residing in Area C which is under full Israeli control.

The committee meeting, which was originally supposed to discuss the approval of construction plans for more than 4,000 housing units for Jews in Judea and Samaria, is only taking place because of pressure from the Yesha Council on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The settlers’ leadership has been demanding to set a date for the discussion, following the agreement between former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former President Donald Trump approving the issuing of building permits in Judea and Samaria every quarter.

It turns out that this period of eight months during which the Subcommittee on Objections has not been convened parallels perfectly the time that passed since President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The subcommittee last met in January and approved only 792 housing units. Since then, thousands of housing units in various planning stages have accumulated in Yesha, and they’re awaiting approval. So in recent weeks, PM Bennett’s office has been working with the White House to receive our American allies’ approval to convene the committee. Many, including AFSI membership, are perplexed at the need for this approval to build.

Mayor of Efrat, Oded Revivi says the Yesha Council’s frustration and condemnation of the construction work in both Jewish and Palestinian parts of Area C are the results of a narrow view. In a Jerusalem Post Opinion piece he states: Their view fails to recognize Israel’s triumph that a (Democratic) American administration did not condemn the decision of the Israeli government to build in Judea and Samaria, and most probably, secretly helped to draft it. This is the recognition and validation that we have been waiting for – even this less sympathetic administration understands that we are here to stay.

Obviously, this is bad for Israel and good for the PA Arabs. It gives the PA a lawful way to build up and take over land in an area where Israel has full legal control. We are beyond troubled by the move Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is making. Appeasing the Arabs and leaving Jews in Judea and Samaria in a bad position is not in the best interest of defending and securing Israel.

Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI)


Letter of Appreciation from Yosef Shapiro’s Parents

Dear Editor:

There are no words to express our Hakoras Hatov to Hashem for the safe return of our dear son Yosef, who was lost for six hours in Canarsie Park last Wednesday.

We thank all the organizations, led by Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD, and the many hundreds of volunteers who came in from throughout the region, men and women of all ages- our friends, neighbors and family, and countless strangers who never knew our son.

They all braved the brutal heat, humidity, thunderstorms, and drenching rains while searching for hours into the dark of night.

We express tremendous gratitude to the tens of thousands around the world who were praying heartfelt tefilos for the safe return of Yosef.

We are humbled and inspired by the magnitude of the achdus, chesed and sharing of our burden that united klal Yisroel.

May this incredible unity be the merit that finally brings the Geulah.

Simcha Dovid and Basya Shapiro


Feminists Silent on Taliban’s Treatment of Girls & Women

Dear Editor:

Islamic Taliban will enslave women. Where are all the “progressive feminists”, and where is mainstream media with condemnations on Islam’s barbaric treatment of girls and women? Silent. “A 12-year-old girl died in southern Egypt after her parents brought her to a doctor who performed female genital mutilation, a criminal practice that remains widespread…Only in Islamic societies do “honor killings” take place. In many Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf States, the legal system forgives the perpetrators of violence against women. If a husband murders his wife and her lover, for example, he is likely to get a light sentence and sometimes be released without any jail time.” Where are all the “progressive feminists”, and where is mainstream media with condemnations on this latest death from the barbarism of female genital mutilation?

The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide 200 million women and girls have been subjected to it. UNICEF estimated that 98 percent of girls and women in Somalia had been cut. A 2015 government survey found that 87% percent of all Egyptian women undergo FGM. “Judges themselves are not convinced this is a crime that should be punished,” said Danbouki, who runs the Women’s Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness. Judges are lenient (in Egypt) when it comes to cases entailing violence against women.” Yet Omar, whom Pelosi appointed to a Foreign Relations Committee, only opens her foul mouth to smear Israel while remaining silent about Islamic Somalia’s barbaric mutilation of girls.

Yet these “repressive progressives”, and mainstream media, are always there to issue relentless, false condemnation of the democratic Jewish State, Israel, who celebrates and honors gays with an annual parade, and affords full legal and civil rights to all girls and women in stark contrast to all countries under Islamic rule. Reports of routine rape of jailed women in Syria, dissenters jailed and tortured in Arab controlled territories and girls and women without equal rights under Islam, go unreported. So, to all out there who consider themselves a “progressive feminist”, your silence on this issue speaks louder than your inflated egos and your selective protests, usually only against Israel.

Ginette Weiner

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