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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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3rd Vaccination for Seniors in Israel

Dear Editor:

The third vaccination campaign for seniors is underway. Under the direction of the Ministry of Health, Magen David Adom will begin an extensive vaccination campaign tomorrow in all nursing homes in Israel.

Magen David Adom, which is at the forefront of the fight to prevent the spread of the Corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic vaccinated and sampled millions of people, will launch the third extensive vaccination campaign in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the country for both staff and residents.

MDA worked extensively during the Corona crisis as part of the “Protecting Fathers and Mothers” program and performed samples to detect the Corona virus and vaccines among nursing home residents and staff, in high quality, with professionalism and advanced technological means that helped cutting the infection chain. Magen David Adom is prepared and ready for the task and has extensive experience working with the elderly population.

MDA Director General Eli Bin has said: “As Israel’s national rescue organization that was the first to be at the forefront of the fight in Corona, we are proud to take on the national mission assigned to us by the Ministry of Health and carry out the third vaccination for the elderly in nursing homes. Thus after we submitted to The “Protecting Fathers and Mothers” program’s supervisor, Prof. Nimrod Maimon, the detailed program for vaccines and we presented him with the details of the operation. This is an important national task and I am sure that we will succeed quickly, efficiently and professionally in reaching all the residents of the nursing homes around the country and helping the national rescue organization eradicate the pandemic and lead the Corona to an end in Israel. “

Zaki Heller
MDA Spokesman


Harvey the Rabbit Strikes Again

Dear Editor:

Remember the Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey, where he stared as Elwood P. Dowd? The only one able to see the invisible rabbit Harvey was Stewart’s character. When it comes to growing inflation, President Biden can’t seem to see the rabbit. The rest of us can.

Larry Penner


Is Opening Borders a Good Idea Now?

Dear Editor:

Last week the UK announced it will drop quarantine restrictions for fully vaccinated visitors from the US and EU. It went into effect earlier today. As the summer travel season continues, the hope is the lifting of these restrictions will be reciprocated and provide an economic boost. But with cases rising yet again, and now the CDC reversing its indoor mask policy, it seems like a curious time to open up borders that have been closed since the start of the pandemic.

Bryan Del Monte, an aviation industry expert and President of the Aviation Agency, believes that economics is the main driver for re-opening travel. Late last month Heathrow and Britain’s main airlines urged the UK to open up as Heathrow’s cumulative pandemic losses pushes to $4 billion.

“I suspect the data is telling them that continued shut down causes more harm than if people come and spread the virus,” he says.

Lauren Smith


NYT Hatchet Job

Dear Editor:

The NY Times’ newest outrage “Times ‘Hatchet Job’ Video Whitewashing Hamas Condemned” is only the latest in its decades worth of relentless obsession with false smears of only Israel. What is the difference between Jews being physically assaulted on our streets, and this rag’s false demonizing of Israel as apartheid, as a killer of Gaza’s children, as an aggressor and usurper? There is no difference. This rag fosters genocidal hatred, slaps, beats up Zionists, Israel and Jews with its Big Lies. Jewish writers and organizations repeatedly write to this rag, pointing out corrections to their false “reports” and nicely ask the editorial board to be fair. Camera.org even went so far as to put up huge bill boards opposite their offices saying “Your Bias Is Showing.” THIS ISN’T WORKING. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”-attributed to Albert Einstein.

It is beyond time for Manhattan’s rabbis, and sane Jewish organizations, world wide to “put aside their differences” and do this. Form ongoing, picket lines in front of this Jew hating rag’s offices; storm their offices, flood them with leaflets detailing their false reporting as outlined by Camera, and refuse to leave until the editorial board meets with heads of every single Jewish group, and agrees to hire writers from Camera and Algemeiner; begin pickets in front of the owners homes with loud bullhorns, leaflets. We need to get arrested. We need to be loud. We need to NOT STOP until this rag STOPS.

We Jews are too soft, too civilized, too polite, too…complacent…we have forgotten what it is like to have chutzpah, courage, to be brave, to stand tall, to put ourselves on the front lines. If there ever was a time for aggressive, non-violent protest, this is it. I call for all Jews, young, old, retired, working, all of us to demand our leaders organize this. And if not, we need to form our own grass roots Mobile Action Group.

We are so used to being reactive we have forgotten what it is like to be proactive. What else will it take for us to rise up? They are already killing us and planting the seeds for the next round of up of anyone who is a Zionist, who supports Israel’s right to exist and even if you don’t, if you are a Jew, today, that’s enough cause to have the crap beaten out of you. This rag reaches millions daily. That’s millions more being poisoned by their Jew hate. They are loading us up onto the rail car once again with their Big Lies. Let’s not go quietly this time.

Melvin Grausmier

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