Kathy Hochul Admits Cuomo Undercounted COVID Deaths by 12,000 on MSNBC - The Jewish Voice
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Kathy Hochul Admits Cuomo Undercounted COVID Deaths by 12,000 on MSNBC

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One day after being sworn in as New York’s new governor on Tuesday, Kathy Hochul threw her disgraced predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, under the bus – announcing nearly 12,000 more deaths across the state from Covid-19 than previously admitted, Zero Hedge reported. 

Now, instead of 43,400 deaths, New York now recognizes 55,400 as the number of people who have died of Covid-19 in the state based on death certificates submitted to the CDC.

“We’re now releasing more data than had been released before publicly, so people know the nursing home deaths and the hospital deaths are consistent with what’s being displayed by the CDC,” Hochul said Wednesday on MSNBC, adding “There’s a lot of things that weren’t happening and I’m going to make them happen. Transparency will be the hallmark of my administration.”

“There are presumed and confirmed deaths. People should know both,” said Hochul on Wednesday morning. “Also, as of yesterday, we’re using CDC numbers, which will be consistent. And so there’s no opportunity for us to mask those numbers, nor do I want to mask those numbers. The public deserves a clear, honest picture of what’s happening. And that’s whether it’s good or bad, they need to know the truth. And that’s how we restore confidence.”


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