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Hundreds of Americans Left Behind, 150 US Military Dogs Abandoned, Taliban Starts Door to Door Executions

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General McKenzie admitted the Pentagon has left hundreds of Americans behind at a Monday briefing. The number of Americans has not been revealed by officials. Secretary of State Antony Blinken put the number of Americans left behind at under 200, “likely closer to 100′, while in the video below McKenzie says hundreds were left behind, he also admitted that no US citizens left on the last Jets out.

Sometime on Tuesday President Biden is scheduled to speak about Afghanistan, and will try to portray the Afghanistan pullout as a smashing success. Democrat political pundits on CNN and MSNBC will begin their difficult task of spinning away this unmitigated disaster, the goal to make it go down the collective memory hole.

Meanwhile, social media revealed 150 military Sheepdogs were left behind in Afghanistan, causing even more outrage. Twitter User “Veteran Sheepdogs of America” is raising money to secure a Jet to Afghanistan to rescue some of the active work dogs and 150 stranded people. Currently the stranded dogs are receiving no coverage, outside of alternative media

Meanwhile, social media has revealed the horrific acts of terror being committed in Afghanistan. Lara Logan reported from her sources that house-to-house executions in Kabul following US mil departure.

Soon, the news from Afghanistan will dissipate, and the Biden administration will attempt to make Afghanistan be magically wiped out of American’s minds, the media will pivot away from this story and the Biden administration’s messaging will focus 100%  on COVID and vaccinations.

TJV will continue to report any information that comes out of Afghanistan, we will not forget this disaster, and will continue to present the truth.

In another video that has emerged from Afghanistan, the Taliban hung a man by the throat from a Blackhawk helicopter in show of dominance over Biden. The media has continued to downplay the millions of dollars of military equipment the Biden administration essentially left for the Taliban and assorted terrorists to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Democrats have announced they are beginning another campaign against the second amendment.

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