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Cuomo, Brags, Lies, Takes Shot at de Blasio in Final Speech to New Yorkers: Watch Video

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Jared Evan

On NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s final day in office, he made his final address to the state before he resigns in disgrace tomorrow.

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul takes the reigns as interim Governor, on Tuesday.

Cuomo spent most of the time in his 16-minute farewell, bragging about the success of his questionable handling of the COVID pandemic. He also took the opportunity to once more absolve himself of any wrongdoings in regard to sexual harassment.

Cuomo was once hailed as a hero, worshipped by millions to the point where celebrities such as Trevor Noah and Cher declared themselves ” Cuomosexuals”.

The son of a former Governor won an EMMY award for his COVID daily briefings and was paid $5 million in advance by Crown Publishing Group to write a mostly self-congratulatory book “American Crisis”, which flopped and sold only a few hundred copies.

The facade, which was mainly created by a fawning obsequious media and celebrity sycophants, was shattered when the nursing home death scandal broke, followed by dozens of sexual harassment accusations.

Beginning last spring, Mr. Cuomo was criticized over a state requirement that forced nursing homes to take back residents who had been hospitalized with Covid-19 once they recovered. Upwards of 15,000 deaths can be traced to Cuomo’s failed COVID policies.

NY government officials are still investigating Cuomo’s covering up of the nursing home deaths, while President Biden’s DOJ, dismissed the charges. Thousands of New Yorkers still seek justice and are not satisfied with Cuomo simply resigning.

Meanwhile, on his final day in office, Cuomo arrogantly dismissed the sexual harassment accusations. Cuomo made misleading statements about the allegations against him being uncorroborated. He bragged for 11 minutes straight mainly about his COVID policies and finally took a pot shot at NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York City,” Cuomo said, referring to the Brooklyn borough president and the former police officer who still has to win the general election in November. “I think he’ll bring a new philosophy and competence to the position.”

Mayor de Blasio’s staff also threw some shots in, with his press secretary saying “serial sexual assaulter says what?” when asked about allegations against Cuomo, Business Insider reported.

The demise of Andrew Cuomo reads like a fictional political drama, “from hero to zero”,  albeit with a healthy pension and millions earned from grifting.

You can watch Andrew Cuomo’s swan song below, the video starts at 44 seconds in.





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