Will Facebook suspend Joe Biden?

. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

By David Zukerman

The July 19 New York Times featured this headline:  “Facebook Says Biden is Scapegoating Over Vaccine Falsehoods.”

According to this report, Biden even accused Facebook of “‘killing people.'”  Strong stuff indeed. Facebook, it seems, per surgeon general Vivek Murthy, has carried “false stories about the  [COVID-19] vaccines… becom[ing] a dangerous health hazard.”  Reporter Kang quoted the surgeon as saying on CNN, July 18, “‘These platforms have to recognize they’ve played a major role in the increase in speed and size with which misinformation is spreading’….”

Biden has fallen short of his goal of getting 70 percent of Americans vaccinated by July 4, and administration officials are blaming social media for alleged “vaccine hesitancy”  (The Times also quoted White House press secretary Jen (buckle down) Psaki as saying that “‘people are dying'” because they have not been vaccinated.)

Is Biden sore because, despite his efforts at rewriting the history of President Trump’s successful Operation Warp Speed, the fact is that President Trump, far more than Biden, succeeded in combating the pandemic notwithstanding Democrat derision?

The question then becomes: will Biden be censored by Facebook for accusing the social media octopus of  “misinformation”?  In Bidenworld, what is more, serious than a charge of misinformation?

Behold the snake bitten by another snake.  Facebook, which has long reveled  in scapegoating the 45th president, now charges Biden and co. with turning it  into a scapegoat.   Doesn’t the administration’s surprising assault on one of its most useful propagandists merit suspension?

Of course not.  Imagine the difficulty at the editorial office of the Times were Facebook to add the 46th president to its roster of banned presidents.  A Times editorial sharply critical of a Facebook suspension of Biden would be nothing less than a metaphorical screech of chalk on blackboard that would force Zuckerberg to back down quickly.

But consider this: Jacque Mallet du Pan famously remarked of the French revolution: “like Saturn, the  Revolution devours its children.”  May the Woke Revolution experience the same.