Trump Attorney David Schoen Explains Legal And Financial Blowback Dealt To Ben & Jerry’s And Unilever


(VINnews) — On Monday July 19, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream issued a Press Release stating they will not renew their contract with the Israeli distributor to sell, to what THEY Call OPT, Occupied Territories.

The response from the pro-Israel Jewish world was swift. On social media, Major Kosher supermarkets were notifying customers that Ben & Jerry’s will no longer be sold in their stores. Morton Williams, a chain of 16 stores in NY said they will reduce their shelf space by 70%, will stop promoting their brand.

The Kosher Authority Rabbinical Supervision of Australia has already de-listed the Hamas ice cream brand, and now we await a statement from the KOf-K Kosher certification, the international Kashrus agency, who certifies the PLO ice cream on how they plan to proceed.

Alas, some of you are asking, “do you really think this multi-billion-dollar company really cares if they lose the support of a minority of Kosher consumers?”

Today’s guest on the VINnews podcast ‘The Definitive Rap’, is Noted Attorney David Schoen, who served on the defense for President Trump against impeachment. Schoen will explain the hot legal water Ben & Jerry’s, and even the corporate owners of this hateful brand, Unilever, have gotten themselves into. A number of years ago, 33 states signed onto an anti-BDS bill that forbade their states from doing any business with any company who engages in BDS against Israel proper, or portions of Israel that are considered “in dispute.” Furthermore, this episode has created a Public relations nightmare for Unilever, which you can be sure, they will not soon forget.

Two segment interview: In segment 1, we interviewed prominent Attorney, David Schoen, who represented President Trump in the second impeachment trial, to discuss the anti-BDS laws that Ben & Jerrys and Unilever violated, and the potential lawsuits and US Government boycotts against both companies.
In the second segment, we interview Town of Hempstead Councilman, Bruce Blakeman – R, who rallied the bi-Partisan Town Council to initiate proceedings to negate all contracts with Unilever and B & J ice cream.

In the second segment of the show we were honored to have with us, Nassau County councilman Bruce Blakeman, who in a record time, mobilized the Town of Hempstead in Long Island NY, to initiate the anti-BDS legislation – to ban all contracts between the town and Unilever.

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