Real Estate Agent Turned Squatter Refuses to Leave Hamptons Home Owned by Holocaust Survivor

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Just when we thought we were turning the corner on all of the hardships we encountered with the dreaded virus over the last year, it appears that more are on the horizon for one elderly Holocaust survivor.

According to a NY Post report, a 78-year old Holocaust survivor named Genya Markon, wjho lives in Israel, had planned to spend the summer in her modest-sized Hamtpons home, but those plans were derailed by a tenant in the house refused to leave last month when her lease expired.

The squatter, Julie Rinke, who is also a real estate agent is abusing the pandemic related eviction ban in order to keep staying at Markon’s home, according to the Post story.

The three bedroom, two bathroom home is located in the Hampton Bays area and was valued at more than $657,000 by the Zillow real estate site, according to the NY Post report. The 1260 square foot house is a short distance from Shinnecock Bay.

Rinke’s lease ended on June 18th, and according to the Post report, Markon and her attorney Anthony W. Cummings allege that Markon has no place to stay as Rinke has refused to leave.

Late last month Cummings filed a suit in Suffolk Supreme Court seeking Rinke’s ouster as well as damages, as was reported by the Post. Speaking to the publication, Cummings said, ““Genya is in a real bad spot. She traveled all the way from Israel to spend the summer in her home and she has a tenant who won’t vacate.”

Markon also had her opinion of Rinke’s stunt. She said: “My tenant, who is also a real estate agent, refuses to leave in spite of the fact that she only has a seasonal lease and is not protected by the hardship application she filed.”

The Post reported that Rinke is a Century 21 real estate broker and since claimed financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis in a bid to stay in the home, which she first moved into in July 2020.

Rinke has also kept the home in horrible condition, having destroyed some of Markon’s possessions, according to the Post report and leaving mounds of garbage outside the home. The Post reported that Rinke also took down paintings already hanging in the space, “some of which are quite valuable including a family portrait by the well-known Ukrainian painter David Burliuk,” it’s claimed in court filings.

The Post writes that such a case is not as unusual as one would think. Cummings is also serving as legal counsel to another landlord in the Hamptons who has filed suit to evict another wealthy person who wishes to take advantage of the eviction ban. The squatters in this case are a Cantor Fitzgerald executive and his wife who have also refused to leave the property that they leased but whose expiration has run out.  They too cited a pandemic related hardship, according to the Post report.

The Post reported that Cummings questioned Rinke’s qualifications, claiming in court filings that she “is conducting herself in a bad faith, dishonest and manipulative way to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass confusion and gridlock in the lower courts all in an effort to block surrendering possession of the Premises.”

“All you have to do is check a box and you can stay for free until at least August 31st,” the lawyer told The Post, referring to the hardship application. “What is it? The honor system? It is easy to abuse. There’s no penalty for lying, and no evidence to prove.”