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NY’s Worst Tax Delinquents Include Ghislaine Maxwell & Lisa Marie Presley

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By Marty Raminoff

Ghislaine Maxwell is more than just an alleged sex trafficker. The disgraced socialite, who is accused of serving as Jeffrey Epstein’s madam, is also on the list of New York State’s top 250 delinquent taxpayers. As per the NY Post, Maxwell, who is awaiting criminal trial for allegedly recruiting underage girls for Epstein, is also number 47 on the Tax Department’s list for tardy payers. She allegedly owes New York state $1,520,558.84 in taxes, as per a warrant filed by the state Tax Department. Maxwell is currently locked up in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center for criminal allegations stemming from the 1990s and early 2000s. She has pleaded not guilty and has already appealed five times to be released from jail pending trial — but was rejected every time.

She is not the only name you would recognize on the state’s monthly list of tax deadbeats. As per the Post, Lisa Marie Presley, the singer-songwriter is number 177 on the list. The only child of the late legendary Elvis Presley reportedly owes $636,950.33 in back NYS income taxes. Presley, who is now 53, had in her youth been married to superstar Michael Jackson from 1994 to 1996.

The number 1 spot on the state’s tax cheat list belongs to Disgraced “Taxi King” Gene Freidman. The embattled taxi mogul, retained the No. 1 spot for the second year in a row.

As per the Tax Department’s records he owes the state $18.7 million in taxes. In 2019, he was sentenced to five years’ probation after he admitted to engaging in tax fraud and agreed to cooperate with the feds in the probe of President Donald Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen.

The state’s top 5 list of tax cheats also includes:

Anthony J. Frascone Jr. who reportedly owes 14,020,443.13; Anthony P. Frascone who owes 13,908,788.69; Frederick Goldring owing a docketed balance of 9,192,468.65; and Gary B. Flom allegedly owing 7,011,418.80. Together the five men owe some $44 million. As per the state’s website, the ranking is based on the “total amount shown on the face of all warrants on file against those individuals with the county clerk and New York State Secretary Of State (also known as the “docketed” amount)… The list excludes taxpayers whose debt is under formal or informal review, who have filed for bankruptcy, or whose estate or the Social Security Administration has notified us that they are deceased.”

Representatives for Maxwell and Presley did not immediately comment.

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