NYC Private Schools Forging Ahead with Radical “Anti-Racism” Agenda

Ethical Culture Fieldston School. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By: Jared Evan

The protests of parents across the country and in NYC is falling on deaf ears, as the NY Post research indicates that some of the best educational institutions are forging ahead with the radical, “anti-racism” agenda.

NY Post pointed out several job postings, and they all seem to have similar “word salad” buzzword filled, CRT themes.

Ethical Culture Fieldston School, which is on the market for a ballet instructor “committed to challenging Western dance forms and the hierarchical and pedagogical practices that often center whiteness in dance classrooms and on stages,” according to a job description posted to the school’s website.

This job posting is obviously meaningless, and a quick look at the history of ballet you will learn that this art form was originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes. The art itself for hundreds of years just happens to be mainly European and has nothing to do with “whiteness” being oppressive, Ballet is a white dance form, just as Hindu dance is an Indian dance form or African dance is African. In reality, this job posting is simply “word salad”, and literally meaningless.

Fieldston — a Bronx institution where tuition is $55,510 a year is hiring an upper school biology teacher said applicants should have “an understanding of and commitment to cultural competency, and how to support a diverse student population, especially through teaching more inclusive science curricula.” Biology is exclusive? Fascinating.

NY Post reported: Critical race theory and so-called anti-racism curricula propagate “a worldview that believes that everything in public and private life must be considered with respect to racial identities,” said Jonathan Butcher, an education fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “It’s not just a question of are we appropriately discussing race in schools, it is a call to action to make students be ever alert and constantly searching for evidence that may or may not be there or some form of discrimination everywhere their lives,” he added. “It’s a recipe for a very cynical, pessimistic and defeatist attitude.”

The delusional practitioners of Critical Race Theory, who’s lives revolve around misery and meaningless buzz words, want to indoctrinate children as young as possible.

The $58,505-a-year Trinity School on the Upper West Side made similar demands of applicants for their elementary teachers:

“Candidates need … to create an equitable classroom culture inclusive of varied student experiences as well as an awareness of how race, gender, and other aspects of identity manifest themselves in the early childhood classroom,” a job description reads. The school says it is “expressly committed to becoming an anti-racist institution.”

The key to this job listing is “awareness”, in the CRT world, all white people are born racist, all white people are the oppressor, and all people of color are victims. This is the message, that they want to pound into a second graders mind. They want to make children aware of this, awful message.