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Letters to the Editor

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The Dark Side of Ben & Jerry’s

Dear Editor:

I used to adore Ben and Jerry’s. An ice cream brand with flavors named after my favorite musicians, Jerry Garcia and Vermont jam band Phish, and low and behold the proprietors are Jews from New York! Two fun hippies who love good music and ice cream, I was hooked.

Soon I learned that Ben Greenfield and Ben Cohen were not just looking to make money and build an ice cream empire, they wanted to save the environment and partnered with Green Peace. This seemed innocuous enough, saving the environment is not controversial, and besides Ben and Jerry are such nice Vermont Dead Heads, I can live with their new political turn. Soon however, I learned the dark side and hypocrisy of Ben and Jerry’s, which lead to my eventual personal boycott.

These 2 nice Jewish ice cream entrepreneurs are out in the open limousine commies!

B&J freely support open borders for migrants because according to them there’s no such a thing like an illegal migrant, however it turns out the real reason why B&J love illegal migrants so much is because they are very easy to exploit and make a profit from. B&J was the target of a campaign by migrant workers on dairy farms which supplied B&J – including illegal immigrants – over poor working conditions. Workers were housed in barns and unheated trailers and reportedly worked 12 to 14 hour days. Considering Ben and Jerry’s social media proclaimed, “people can not be illegal” and they so passionately embrace illegal immigrants, one would think they would treat illegals with dignity, not hire them to be slave labor.

When it comes to black lives matters B&J are huge supporters of the BLM movement and have repeatedly and publicly stated that “WE MUST DISMANTLE WHITE SUPREMACY!” However, in reality B&J had no problem abusing black people, even children, as long as they could make a profit out of it, and only stopped when they were exposed. For years they imported some of their ice cream ingredients, like cocoa, from regions and companies that employed child labor working in slave like conditions. B&J moved to Fair Trade cocoa in the last few years, only after they were called out on using child slave labor.

I personally jumped off the Ben and Jerry’s bandwagon, when they embraced race baiting football player, Colin Rand Kaepernick, and deranged anti- Semite and activist, Linda Sarsour. This was the final straw for me. It does not surprise me in the least, that these two hypocritical, billionaire Marxists, would stab their own Jewish heritage in the back, and join the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement. I have silently boycotted these two schmucks for close to 4 years, and not to gloat, but I was ahead of the curb.

Marty Weinstein


Ben & Jerry’s “Woke” Decision

Dear Editor:

Some encouraging news for your weekend. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream may soon pay a price—literally—for its “woke” decision last week to stop selling its products in eastern Jerusalem and Israel’s Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria—or what Ben and Jerry’s calls “Occupied Palestinian Territories.” Five U.S. states are now investigating whether Ben and Jerry’s actions violate state laws against Israel boycotts. Which means the radical Left ice cream makers (who have also called for de-funding police) may soon regret their decision. By the way, this is obviously not about ice cream: the inability of someone in Samaria to buy Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia is not the point, nor do Israelis care about that. It’s about a well-known company boycotting and demonizing the Jewish state and attempting to destroy it economically, while potentially encouraging other companies/corporations to do the same.

Erick Stakelbeck
Host of “The Watchman” on TBN


Stand Up to Ben & Jerry’s

Dear Editor:

Everfresh Supermarket is an all kosher supermarket in Great Neck, NY. I stopped purchasing B &J over 2 years ago due to their politics. We are proud that so many other stores are following suit. I think that the CO needs to be fired and very much exposed for what she is. An ANTISEMITE. We all know this is much bigger than just ice cream. If I am correct this is much more a B & J issue than a Unilever position but it can move quickly if not stopped. Know that Everfresh supports Israel.

Howard Hassan
Grocery Manager
Everfresh Supermarket
Great Neck, N. Y.


Boycott Ben & Jerry’s

Dear Editor:

What a disappointment. How can Jews behave as wretchedly as Ben and Jerry?? Anyone regardless of poetical point of view, should BOYCOTT all B and J’s products ASAP!!!

Gerald Kirshenbaum


B&J’s: Not Healthy & Over Priced

Dear Editor:

Regarding the controversy around Ben & Jerry’s, we don’t need their ice cream . It is over priced , not healthy and not the best ice cream in Israel . There are plenty of other ice creams to choose from in Israel that are better.

Toby Shuster
Jerusalem ,Israel 


Crocodile Tears

Dear Editor:

If G-d forbid, Hamas’ Islamic Jihad infiltrated Israel via the tunnels of terror they used millions of dollars to build, and carried out their openly stated goal of killing every Jew in sight, while the supreme leader, Khameni, of the Islamic Republic of Iran who funds them, celebrated the victory, and began working on its openly stated larger goal of going after Jews worldwide, what would European leaders, Western leaders, leaders of the United States, say or do?

The Europeans would do what they did during and after the Holocaust of WWII—wring their useless hands, pretend to act penitent for a few years afterwards, and then, when enough time passed, resume maligning Jews again, continue to allow the Islamic Muslim migrants they let in, to kill, threaten, rape, burn synagogues to the point where Jewish places in Europe require armed guards to even exist. What would the rest of the free world do? The United States? We would see more hand wringing but quiet relief that the troublesome Jewish state was no longer. Business can resume unimpeded with the Arabs and their oil. Sales of stuff to the 1.8 billion worldwide adherents of Islam can gleefully take off.

The useless crocodile tears will fall on the graves of beautiful, brave young Jewish soldiers whose only crime was to be forced to defend their legal Jewish homeland of Israel. How many dead Jews are enough for Hamas, for mainstream media’s apologists for these genocidal terrorists? Never enough. Never again? Think again. Unless and until Jews worldwide unite in their condemnation of Islamic Jihad’s Hamas and Iran’s calls for genocide and unless and until mainstream media stops portraying these butchers as victims, the unthinkable is on everyone’s mind.

This has nothing to do with Israel’s policies. It is about survival and genocide. How many times do we need to remind you out there Jihad begins with the Jews, and ends with you. Yes, you. Either stand up now or bend over backwards because that is the posture you will need to permanently assume.

Ginette Weiner

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