British Rock Legend Morrissey To Release Song About Terrorism Dedicated to Manchester Arena Bombing - The Jewish Voice
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Friday, July 1, 2022

British Rock Legend Morrissey To Release Song About Terrorism Dedicated to Manchester Arena Bombing

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Jared Evan

Pop icon Morrissey, who has become a pariah to the music industry due to his politically incorrect comments, is about to release an album with a title track that is about the Manchester Arena bombing.

Morrissey who was once beloved by the left-wing music press has become a pariah, for defending his British heritage and his Nationalist leanings. The legendary founder of alternative rock icons The Smiths has been outspoken about the cruel way animals are treated in China and has spoken out against Halal slaughter.

He has been known worldwide for his animal rights activism and was a vegan before being a vegan became common.

After, the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing by Islamic jihadist Salman Abedi that claimed the lives of 23 people and injured 800, many of them children, the singer became very vocal about England maintaining its English heritage and preventing the UK from becoming an Islamic state.  Left-wing fans and music critics have since declared Morrissey a bigot, a racist, and a right-wing Nationalist.

Morrissey in the past has been known for his support of the gay community and was once considered an important figure in gay culture. The artist maintains a private life, and little is known about Morrissey’s sexual preferences.

His upcoming release has a title track “Bonfire of Teenagers” and the singer explained to the press the meaning.

“Bonfire of Teenagers the track is magnificent, but you must be expecting some manufactured paranoia … the usual ‘you can’t sing about THAT’ pearl fumblers” an interviewer asked Morrissey.

“It’s about the kids who were murdered, yes,” responded Moz. “We are not encouraged to look beneath the surface because it’s dark and hidden. But the song is anti-terror, and anyone who finds that offensive can only be devoid of personal morality. As your brother once said to me, the Manchester Arena Bombing was Britain’s 9/11. We should appreciate anyone who asks questions.”

Suicide bomber Abedi was rescued as a ‘refugee’ by the British Royal Navy following the overthrow of Colonel Gadaffi in Libya.

Gadaffi infamously warned that if he was toppled, millions of migrants would flee to the west and terrorists would hide themselves amongst the refugee wave.

Morrissey is sure to be protested even further, by the radical left, as his career continues to flourish.






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