Unique NYC: Protestors Lambast Fauci in Harlem, Long Shot Mayoral Candidate Holds Marijuana “smoke out” at City Hall


NYC produces a wide variety of people from all political and world perspectives. Independent media recently captured two very interesting scenes, from some very interesting New Yorkers.

In Harlem, several dozen people gathered to protest Dr. Fauci as he arrived to promote the COVID vaccine at a NYC Harlem vaccination site with Dr. Jill Biden. While this was a small crowd, it is clear the tide is turning against Dr. Fauci after the exposure of the Fauci emails and the revelations made about the funding of gain of function research and Fauci’s knowledge of the coronavirus being most likely lab-made.

The colorful protestors were racially mixed and from all walks of life, including one very angry gay gentleman and a tough-sounding tattooed blonde woman with a Bronx accent .

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, long-shot NYC mayoral candidate Paper Boy Prince and his supporters, called for reparations for communities impacted by the War on Drugs, gave out free samples of marijuana, and performed personalized songs written for both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, in front of City Hall.

Watch the smoke out below