The New York Times Follows its Historic Pattern of Blocking Necessary Defense of Jewish Life

NY Times
Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of Conference of Jewish Affairs, stated today:
“Once again the New York Times is acting in a way to make it impossible for Jews to defend themselves against those who have announced their intention to exterminate the Jewish people.  The first time this happened was back in the 30s and 40s when the New York Times had knowledge of the impending plans for the Holocaust, as well as knowledge of the shipping of Jews to concentration camps in Europe. For years it buried the story. This is now well known. Had the Times exposed the news that its correspondents had uncovered, many Jews would have been saved and Jews and governments could have planned a defense against the perpetrators.  Instead, the New York Times buried these stories.
Rabbi Spero stated, “Today the New York Times is once again doing what it can to demonize and prohibit the State of Israel from defending itself against those, such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Abbas’s PLO, who daily announce their intention to destroy the State of Israel and the Jewish community.  In a front page photo-job, conceived to misportray Israel as an aggressor hell-bent on killing children, the Times flashed a photo of children’s faces with a headline, ‘They Were Only Children.’
“The New York Times definitely knows that many of these youngsters were killed by Hamas rockets, not Israeli return-fire.  They know that Hamas and other Palestinian Arab groups deliberately place their children in army installations. They know that Israel never targets civilians per se and warns civilians beforehand of upcoming bombings.  And, they certainly know there was no need for Hamas to rain 4,000 missiles on Israel from Gaza and start a war.  Israel in the most humane way possible, defended itself from relentless rockets being fired from hospitals in the Gaza area.
“Yet, the New York Times is intent on making sure that Israel cannot defend itself, that Israel must sit there and have its children be killed by Hamas and its citizens maimed by Hamas rather than defend its people.  This was and remains the purpose of the New York Times incendiary photo.  Once again, the New York Times is averse to Jewish people defending themselves from enemies hell-bent on destroying the Jewish community.
“It is not a coincidence,” added Rabbi Spero, “that the Times blasted this photo across the globe when the world was beginning to empathize with innocent Jews being physically attacked by Islamic groups here in America.  Many were appalled by Jewish being attacked in their synagogues, restaurants, and on their neighborhood streets.  So as to deflect this sympathy for the Jewish community, the Times decided to cast the Jewish people as unsympathetic characters.  In effect, the New York Times has given a green light to attack Jews as ‘baby killers.’
Rabbi Spero added, “The silence of the New York Times during the Holocaust was thought to be their way of hiding the Jewish genealogy of its publisher.  Of course, their sympatico with leftwing causes, their promotion of ‘woke’ Black Lives Matter/Antifa- type themes, and their need for leftwing virtue-signaling play a major role in their anti-Israel outlook.  They are an ugly example of ‘radical chic.’
“Beyond question, the New York Times, while not against secular Jewishness, is definitely upset with those things particularly and identifiably and uniquely Jewish, such as the Jewish State of Israel and Orthodox Judaism.  No longer should the New York Times be seen as a voice for the ‘higher idealism’ by which it likes to be defined, but rather a venue that has harsh enmity for Israel, things ‘too Jewish,’ and things too distinctively American.”