Parents Enraged Over ‘Masturbation’ Videos for 1st Graders at UES Elite Dalton School - The Jewish Voice
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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Parents Enraged Over ‘Masturbation’ Videos for 1st Graders at UES Elite Dalton School

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By: Carl Fredericks

Parents at the classy $55,000-per-year Dalton School in New York City’s Upper East Side are enraged at the sex-education classes provided to their first-graders, which included a disturbing introduction to masturbation. Dalton’s “health and wellness” educator Justine Ang Fonte has become notorious, with an expose’ last month by the NY Post, which described her explicit “porn literacy” workshop at another elite prep school.

“Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity – this is pure indoctrination,” one Dalton mother said. “This person should absolutely not be teaching children. Ironically, she teaches kids about ‘consent’ yet she has never gotten consent from parents about the sexually explicit, and age inappropriate material about transgender to first graders.”

Dalton school replied saying that only a “small group” of parents complained about Fonte’s class last fall and that they “misinterpreted” the content. At the same time, however, the school quietly removed the video about kids touching themselves from the curriculum. “We are furious,” another Dalton mother told The Post. “We were horrified to learn this was shown to our first-grade 6- and 7-year old kids without our knowledge or consent. But it’s so hard to fight back because you’ll get cancelled and your child will suffer.”

Last week, the Post reported on another workshop by Fonte at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, entitled “Porn Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream porn,” The often-explicit slide presentation and lecture, given to120 co-ed children, presented topics including porn, orgasms, and gays.

After the Post’s story, the Columbia Prep head of school Dr. William M. Donohue sent a conciliatory email to school parents saying that the “content and tone of the presentation did not represent our philosophy, which is to educate our students in ways that promote their personal development and overall health, as well as to express respect for them as individuals. … It was unfortunate that we did not better inform ourselves of the speaker’s specific content in advance. I apologize … Going forward we will certainly learn from this experience.”

Fonte has not responded to repeated requests from the Post for comment.

A Dalton spokesman commented to say, “As part of Dalton’s comprehensive Health curriculum for students, a lesson on Gender & Bodies included two evidence-based and age-appropriate videos approved for students 4 years and older…We will continue to listen carefully to parent feedback, respond thoughtfully to community concerns, and develop lessons that are in the best interest of our students, respect our community’s values, and correspond with best practices.”

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