Letters to the Editor


Biden: “Climate Change is Our Greatest Enemy”

Dear Editor:

Biden informed the attentive, dressed in camouflage, men and women of our military that climate change is their biggest enemy. No, it’s not N. Korea’s insane Kim Jong-un who plays with nuclear weapons like tinker toys. No, it’s not the demonic Islamic Republic of Iran’s obsession with nuclear weapons, openly threatening Israel, then other infidels with genocide. No, it’s not Qatar, a major financial backer and ally of terrorist Hamas who, to date, has transferred $1.8 billion to Hamas so they can use even more human shields in Gaza to destroy Israel before branching out into other lands, such as Europe.

Our troops were deployed the very next day. They landed in Alaska and could be observed fighting a renegade glacier with shovels and bulldozers. Next stop was Central America. No, they did not target the corrupt leaders who have already been given billions over the years to build industry, communities, to fight the drug cartels and yes, even climate control, but instead have pocketed, squandered and misspent these funds with zero accountability. Instead, they marched straight into the rainforest, had hand-to-hand combat with parasitic insects, snakes deemed to be proliferating uncontrollably and could be seen swatting mosquitoes with a vengeance.

Climate change may cause some populations to be on the move in our future, but the root causes go unnamed- the corruption, the drug cartel’s intimidation of local governments, the UN’s utter failure to address any real issues, ignoring man made and natural disasters, in favor of passing decades worth of false blame on only Israel. Biden and Harris prefer the safer, easier target, climate change, while we continue to throw wasted money, your money, at every problem and allow the UN to maintain their largely useless, morally bankrupt existence.

Well at least you can now put to bed your fear of malignant narcissistic dictators acquiring and threatening to use nuclear weapons. Thanks to Biden/Kamala, and his “progressive” Dems, you now know who the real enemy is. And our military is right on it. Sleep well.

James Wiley Mankaffian

Warren Joins with Anti-Israel Forces

Dear Editor:

Elizabeth Warren, former Democratic candidate for President, appointed Max Berger as her “Director of Progressive Partnerships.” Who is Berger? “Berger co-founded IfNotNow whose openly stated goal is to end Israel’s existence, and calls the Jewish state, “violent, “deadly,” “a nightmare,” and “morally indefensible.” She is now calling for military aid to Israel to be stopped to “pressure Israel” without any “pressure” being applied to these Arabs who have refused every numerous, fair peace offer, who have never, ever made a counter offer, who walk out of negotiations, who call for an end to Israel.

Hamas issued calls for worldwide genocide of all Jews, “We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them,” declared Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad on Friday. “We will lacerate them and tear them to pieces,” he added.”Berger has stated: “Confession: I would totally be friends with Hamas.” (Feb. 20, 2013) [Hamas] “protestors[‘] will to resist oppression gives me hope.” (May 15, 2018.)

Well I don’t know about you but when I hear the word “progressives”, I shudder. And for good reason. These repressive, fake “progressives” unite to ignore the true atrocities in our world in favor of singling out only Israel’s right to exist.

Marc Blasenheim

Moderate Dems Need to “Grow a Backbone”

Dear Editor:

At long last, some Dems are standing up for Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas’ rocket attacks. Remember when Omar accused Israel of “hypnotizing the world”? This didn’t stop Pelosi appointing her to the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee. Where were your voices then? Your silence then and during all this time has allowed the Squad, Ocasio-Corttez, D-N.Y, Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, to become the face of the Democratic Party and hijack its message for peace and love for all.

CNN, mainstream media, like all good whores, sell their tainted wares by sensational headlines featuring the Squad. Fine. We get that. But where are your news conferences, repudiating these extremists? Nowhere in sight. Until today.

While Omar has nothing whatsoever of value to say to anyone, she did just issue a call for Democrats to rally against Mitch McConnell. ‘Let’s grow a backbone’, she said. Well, perhaps moderate Democrats who support Israel and stand for truth, need to grow their own backbone and begin holding press conferences, each and every time CNN features these bigots, and on a regular basis, to loudly reject these anti American, Israel haters as not representative of the Democratic Party, or the majority of the American people, as voices with zero credibility and zero integrity.

History shows us time and again, if moderates do not begin speaking up, the loud shrill voices of the extremes take over because they are relentless and, well, loud and garner headlines by the media who want to sell their wares. Dems need to form a Moderate Coalition to raise their voices against Pelosi’s support for the Squad, against the Squad’s messages, against Elizabeth Warren and others’ call to stop military aid to Israel, and take the microphone back. If not, they will grow a backbone for you. And you won’t like it, believe me. It will resemble curvature of the spine, bent, supplicant and impotent. The clock is ticking.

Jacob Yupchansky

Kapo; Bernie Sanders

Dear Editor:

As Hamas fires rockets on Israeli civilians, as Hamas uses their children as human shields, as Hamas’ leader openly states they will never ever accept a Jewish state in their midst, that this is an Islamic Jihad War Against the Jews, what have we here in the United States? We have KAPO Bernie Sanders, calling for an end to military aid to Israel, while Israeli children take refuge in bomb shelters, as he rants from the safety of his million dollar home in Vermont.

How many dead Jews are enough for Sanders? He rejects Judaism, as all good socialists have done before him, and continues to give encouragement to terrorists like Hamas. Hamas stated they will go after Jews worldwide, after they’re done with the Jews in Israel. Bernie, when Hamas comes to get you, you can tell them how you relinquished Judiasm and sided with them. They will laugh at this fool they captured, and stab you either a little less, or perhaps a little more, before they throw your useless body in the mass grave they dug for the Jews. It is bad karma to wish anyone ill, but I will make an exception for you. You’ve earned it and then some.

Rebecca Waxenbaum