Letters to the Editor


Should Taxpayers Foot Cuomo’s Bill

Dear Editor:

One can judge a person’s character by the company they keep. Did you receive an invitation to Governor Cuomo’s latest campaign fundraiser to be held in NYC on June 29th? Tickets are only $10,000 or two for $15,000. You can enjoy rubbing shoulders with New York State’s 1%, favorite Pay to Play and Democratic Party elite. Cuomo already has $16.8 million in cash on hand to run for a fourth term. Like most ordinary New Yorkers, I can’t afford the price. I am willing to park limousines, bus tables, mix drinks, or check coats.

Cuomo is currently under investigation for potential scandals related to nursing home deaths, sexual harassment and his multi million dollar book deal. He has hired outside legal counsel at the cost of $2.5 million at government expense. Why not use some of the proceeds from his upcoming fundraiser and current campaign kitty to pay for his legal representation rather than pick the pockets of taxpayers to foot the bill?

Larry Penner, New York

Israeli Cargo Ship Refused Permission to Unload

Dear Editor:

“1,000 demonstrators affiliated with the Arab Resource & Organizing Center and the local Longshoremen Union blocked six gates of Oakland Harbor in northern California to keep the cargo of an Israeli ship from being unloaded. Wassim Hage, a spokesman for the protesters, told Mercury News: “Our goal today is to show the city of Oakland that we do not want them to do business with and allow Israeli apartheid money to come into our city. It’s part of an international picket movement at port cities around the world that will be going on over the next couple of weeks.”

Sound familiar? “S.S. St. Louis ship, carrying 937 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution is turned away from Cuba, the United States and Canada. Though World War II had not yet begun, the groundwork for the Holocaust was already being laid in Germany, where Jewish people faced harassment, discrimination and political persecution. For many on the St. Louis, that rejection was a death sentence.” Jewish Virtual Library: “Goebbels decided to use the S.S. St. Louis and her passengers in a master propaganda plan. Having sent agents to Havana to stir up anti-semitism, Nazi propaganda fabricated and hyped the passengers’ criminal nature–making them seem even more undesirable. “

This tsunami of Big Lies by Woke “progressives” and the media is unprecedented, is accepted as truth, is smearing Israel with falsehoods, is punishing Israel for defending itself with the highest level of ethics no other army does or is held to account for. For these bigots Israel can do nothing right. But Hamas, funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling to “kill Jews wherever you find them” goes ignored. Hitler did not act alone. It took millions to believe his lies over time by nauseating repetition, a lesson the Mufti, Amin al-Husseini taught Arabs well during WWII.

Today an Israeli cargo ship turned away. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe it’s you who are turned away. Hamas is rubbing their Jew hating hands together, planning the next war, anticipating with glee the fall out of more calls for military aid to Israel to end, for more calls to end of Israel, period.

Jews the world over, need three things to survive. Every single Jew, young, old, frail, needs to be armed with defense weapons, guns with rubber or real bullets, knives, mace, batons. All Jews need to form Mobile Action Units in every town, ready to appear on a moment’s notice to counter protest, to intimidate, to get in your face, armed with bull horns, to get arrested if need be, to be loud and proud Jews who stand tall. American Jews need to “put aside their differences”, fund our very own Public Relations Media Agency to get the truth out about Israel, with the same relentless zeal our enemies smear it and smear us.

Shalom Grukavsky

The Gang’s All Here!

Dear Editor

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y led a group of House Dems, citing ‘racial reckoning’ to oppose targeting gang members for deportation. AOC and 34 other Democrats objected to immigration authorities targeting aggravated felons for deportation.” Maybe AOC and her Dems can invite these gang members to stay with them in their homes and try and rehabilitate them, instead of unleashing gang member on the rest of us, who are already weary from crime and murder rates skyrocketing in cities across America.

And if a gang -member misbehaves or assaults them, they can call upon Colin Kaepernic for help. Colin wants all prisons and police to be abolished. And if that doesn’t work, then try calling AOC herself, of defund police fame, for any protection they might need from these warm and fuzzy gang members. I might suggest to them, when being assaulted, they simply explain they were in favor of gangs and felons not being deported and see if that helps any. Also, Colin might want to set an example and move out of the latte ridden, safe, upscale Tribeca apartment he purchased and find a flat adjacent to a prison or in a housing project or inner city, instead of lecturing us about the virtues of having no police and having more gang members run about.

Frank Engrazziano

How Many Dead Jews are Enough for CNN?

Dear Editor:

Hamas openly states its goal of eliminating every Israeli Jew and Israel, spends millions building tunnels of terror vs. peaceful communities yet CNN only reports how many Arabs are killed, always blames Israel for defending itself, never reports on Hamas’ use of children as human shields, and never laments a dead Jew, whose only crime is defending their country when attacked. How many more dead Jews are enough? Apparently, never enough for CNN’s Becky Anderson. She used her “interview” with Bennett as an excuse for her clearly biased agenda, as usual, without any regard for facts, and went on to smear Israel as apartheid.

“CNN’s Becky Anderson suggested to Bennett there was no way for Israel to obey “international law” when striking back at Hamas rocket attacks this week, which has targeted and killed Israeli civilians.”Absolutely not,” Bennett said. “Perhaps you suggest that we just lay back, let them shoot rockets at us, not shoot back, because they are hiding the rockets behind women and children. Would you do that, Becky? If your family was under fire, would you suggest that your government not defend you because they are hiding the guns and rockets behind civilians?” Anderson didn’t answer, shifting to Israel having superior technology and asking him to admit Palestinian civilians were suffering the most during the conflict.”They are suffering the most from their own government,” he said, reiterating the known Hamas practice of using human shields and employing civilian areas as weapons depots. “Any country is expected to defend its citizens, and you, Becky, should not be speaking about us. It’s them, it’s Hamas, it’s deplorable what they’re doing, using their own people as human shields. There’s nothing more cynical than that.”

How and why do we permit mainstream media to continually issue lies, ignore facts and continue with their agenda-based, always against Israel, hiding under the guise of “reporting.” We should be picketing CNN’s headquarters with loud bull horns, demanding they report fairly on Israel. We are at fault, all of us, for permitting this to continue, unprotested.

Rebecca Zivitstein