Heshy Tischler Goes Down in Colossal Defeat in the 48th District City Council Race; Claims He Really Won - The Jewish Voice
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Heshy Tischler Goes Down in Colossal Defeat in the 48th District City Council Race; Claims He Really Won

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Now that results of the first ranked choice voting citywide primary is over in New York City, we have learned that the final tabulation of votes will take weeks and thusly, it is unclear at this juncture whether a great deal of the Democratic candidates in the race who achieved the highest percentage of votes will actually be eligible to run in the November general election. The rules of ranked choice voting is that a candidate must receive a minimum of 50 percent of the primary vote to call themselves the winner of the race for office that they were in.

One thing we do know is that political observers will be watching the ultimate outcome of the hotly contested mayoral race and other significant races in the upcoming weeks.

In Brooklyn, the crowded field of candidates running for the 48th city council district that covers the areas of Midwood, Madison, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, saw the resounding defeat of radio talk show host and community activist, Heshy Tischler. Having made a name for himself as a loudly spoken “champion” of the people in his community by engaging in bizarre publicity stunts and embarrassing himself and those he claims to advocate for, he also spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign publicity including robo calls, e-mail letters and radio time. He told residents in the 48th city council district that he was the only choice for city council because he was the only one who could get the job done.

Clearly, voters in the 48th city council district did not buy his campaign rhetoric, nor did they believe his promises of improving the quality of life in the district he so desperately wanted to represent in the city council. Other political observers have opined that Tischler’s behavior, rambunctious personality and generally ridiculous demeanor turned voters off in a major way. The fact that Tischler only received a little more than 200 votes is proof positive that his eccentric style was not exactly appealing to voters. Others have said that they simply can’t believe that Tischler even received the amount of votes that the media said he did.

“I find the number of votes that Tischler allegedly received to be highly inaccurate,” said one Borough Park resident. “I have done some extensive political polling in the 48th district in the months leading up to primary day, and nobody I spoke with said they were going to cast their votes for Tischler. Many laughed uproariously when I asked if they would consider voting for him, while others said that he was a dangerous upstart who should be ignored.”

In a video that Tischler made on the evening of Tuesday’s primary, he said that he believed that he won “for himself” but told his viewers that “they lost” because he did not receive more votes. He promised his “fans” that he would elaborate more on his Wednesday night radio program on the election and its ramifications.

Thus far, leading in voting percentage in the 48th city council district is former special education teacher Steven Saperstein, who is closely followed by Mariya Markh.   The actual results will be announced in several weeks.


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