Eric Adams for a Safer NYC – Our Choice for Mayor

Eric Adams has proven that he is a true and loyal friend of the NYC Jewish community. He understands us. He has worked with and for us in all of his years in public service. Photo Credit: AP

We’ll start this piece by not keeping you in the dark about our choice for the next Mayor of our great city. It’s hands down, for Eric Adams. First of all we consider him to be a friend of the Jewish population. He understands us. He has worked with and for us in all of his years in public service. One of his comments particularly touched us. “The Jewish community, particularly the Orthodox community, gives back.” He knows us. He understands us and our vulnerable situation as illustrated in recent years, during which our community was ravaged with hate crimes. And he has ridden the rails of the subway system with a badge and walked our streets as a beat cop, rising to the level of captain in the NYPD. He’s been fighting crime in the heart of the city for over 22 years in law enforcement. We believe the safety of the people of this great city is in peril and Adams is the only candidate who has fought that battle and understands its ins and outs.

He does not want fewer cops nor to defund and reduce the safety of those with whom he once walked and patrolled the streets. He will crack down on guns and gangs through a dedicated ‘anti-gun’ unit.

But he does see the need to improve police conduct. We agree. He has stated, “nothing angers me more” than when the force, as a whole, and the symbol of public safety it represents, is allowed o be trash-talked because of the mistakes of a few. He’d also work with the state legislature, where he served for seven years, to reform the current no-bail law to give back to the judges the discretion to lock up dangerous, recidivist criminals.

Eric Adams supports the right of parents to select quality educational option for their children. He is a stalwart advocate of the public schools as well as quality charter schools and religious schools such as yeshivas, parochial schools and madrassas. Adams believes that private schools play an important role in our educational system and wants both students and parents to benefit from them.

His understanding of the school system’s problem of having more than half of NYC’s kids not meeting the basic proficiency in reading and math was evident with his statement: “If you don’t educate you’re going to incarcerate!” That says it all about his intent to improve the education of our future generations.

Our budget is now at $98 billion and growing. It’s larger than that of the entire state of Florida. And what do we get for it? Just walk the streets and you’ll understand. Adams calls for a 5% cut of funding to city agencies, with more to come. Wasteful spending, a product of the DeBlasio legacy, will be reined in. So, we’ll end where we started by endorsing Eric Adams as our next Mayor. We desperately need a change of scenery and personnel. And he’s the guy to do it.