Eric Adams Cites Dinkins Policing Program as a Model for NYC

Current frontrunner in the race for NYC mayor, Eric Adams, knows his NYC history well, and recently spoke about the late David Dinkins. Photo Credit: Reddit

By: Jared Evan

The late former NYC Mayor David Dinkins, who served one term is often maligned as a mayor who let crime spiral out of control, however history proves, while Dinkins made many mistakes during his tenure, he actually got the ball rolling for many policies and campaigns across the city which Rudy Giuliani expanded upon and used to drastically improve NYC. Current frontrunner in the race for NYC mayor, Eric Adams, knows his NYC history well, and recently spoke about the late mayor.

NY Post pointed out; Adams on CNN’s “New Day” was asked by host John Berman if he would approach crime prevention like the current mayor or Giuliani, Adams said neither.

“Oh no, it would look like what David Dinkins’ looked like”, Adams explained.

“He was the one that started the Safe Streets initiative by bringing more and more enforcement, but doing community policing, and then we want to evolve to another level,” Adams said Monday.

Adams believes Giuliani, who proceeded Dinkins took his policies and went too far with over-policing.

“He used a method of heavy-handed policing,” Adams said. “He used a method of stop, question and frisk to stop every young person based on where they live, and their ethnicity.”

“That is unacceptable, and I’ve testified in federal court to push back on that. What we must do is to use our tools to correct ways to keep the city safe but not to take away the justice of the citizens,”

When asked about AOC endorsing anti-police radical Maya Wiley, Adams said: “public safety part is where we differ, just [at a] time when we see an 8-year-old children and 10-year-old babies being murdered in our city, I just don’t support taking away our law enforcement apparatus as a former police officer, and as a person that has fought for social justice in the city.”

It appears Adams would take a more nuanced approach to crime, attempting to refine the policies started by Dinkins and expanded on by Giuliani and Bloomberg, while keeping civil liberties and social justice in mind.

“Look, it’s true, Dinkins term was destroyed by the Crown Heights riots and he had a bad reputation, but to be honest crime was worse under Koch, in a way Dinkins got the ball rolling for Rudy Giuliani, but was it wise for Adams to mention Dinkins as someone he would model himself after, it depends, I don’t think the younger voter remembers Dinkins, the old time New Yorkers, who never left, remember him well, Adams gave an honest answer however, nothing wrong with honesty, Dinkins did initiate a lot of good programs for the city”, TJV’s inside political analyst shared over the phone.

Dinkins’ mayoralty was marked by a number of significant achievements. New York City’s crime rate, including the murder rate, declined in Dinkins’ final years in office. Dinkins persuaded the state legislature to dedicate certain tax revenue for crime control (including an increase in the size of the New York Police Department along with after-school programs for teenagers), and he hired Raymond W. Kelly as police commissioner.

The rejuvenation of Times Square started under Dinkins, and he persuaded The Walt Disney Company to rehabilitate the old New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd Street