Do You Want Your Mayor to Be Selected By Others Without Your Values??? Please VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Voter Proudly Displays Evidence that He Voted on Election Day in the United States.

As of June 9th 38,000 absentee ballots have been returned.  As of June 17th 100,000 people have voted in in the first 5 days of early voting. That means 138,000 votes so far in the 2021 mayoral election. A very low number have turn out with 3 days left in early voting. On June 22nd all the polls will be open for the normal primary day. The weather forecast for the 22nd is for rain which could cause a low turn-out that day. In the 2013 democratic primary 691,801 voters turned out in the mayoral primary.

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot for the June primary election via the online portal has expired. You may still apply for an absentee ballot in-person at your local county board of elections office. The last day to apply in-person is June 21, 2021.  The Brooklyn Board of Election is 345 Adams Street, 4 Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Friday June 18th 7AM to 4PM

Saturday June 19th 8AM to 5PM

Sunday June 20th 8AM to 4PM

For Info about voting or find your polling site call 1-866-Vote-NYC

To find your polling site for June 22nd online:

How to vote How to Vote | NYC Board of Elections