CUNY Profs Pass Resolution Labeling Israel “Apartheid, Settler Colonial State”

The resolution was approved by the public university system’s Professional Staff Congress union (PSC-CUNY) last Thursday, by an 84-34 margin. Photo Credit:

By: Jared Evan

A resolution passed by the City University of New York faculty union labelled Israel an “apartheid … settler colonial state” that has perpetrated the “massacre” of Palestinians and demanded the Biden administration cease US aid to Israel, Algemeiner reported.

The resolution also leaves open for total support of the BDS movement.

The resolution was approved by the public university system’s Professional Staff Congress union (PSC-CUNY) last Thursday, by an 84-34 margin.

The one-sided resolution based on Hamas propaganda, and anti-Semitism in general creates a one-sided, imaginary narrative of cruel Israelis oppressing Palestinians.

NY Post reported: The Professional Staff Congress’ resolution conspicuously omits any mention of Hamas launching rockets into residential areas of Israel during last month’s confrontations between the warring sides.

Instead, the resolution says, “PSC-CUNY condemns the massacre of Palestinians by the Israeli state’’ — while decrying Israel’s “expansionism and violent incursions into occupied territories.”

PSC-CUNY “cannot be silent about the continued subjection of Palestinians to the state-supported displacement, occupation, and use of lethal force by Israel,’’ the missive says.

It adds that the Palestinian struggle for “self-determination” is akin to the struggles of “indigenous people and people of color in the United States” and blacks in apartheid South Africa.

Algemeiner pointed out:

A separate resolution presented by the union’s Anti-Racist Committee, International Committee, and Academic Freedom Committee would have endorsed the BDS movement outright. According to the outlet Left Voice, the resolution adopted Thursday was comprised of an alternate document proposed by the union’s Executive Committee, plus a series of amendments added during the vote, including the call to end US aid to Israel.

“It’s shocking how radical CUNY has become, I remember going to Brooklyn College, we had student groups for all ethnicities and viewpoints, we had an Israel student group, Young Republicans, CUNY was at one point an ideologically diverse and welcoming university, nowadays, I would not want to be in a Pro Israel student group, I would fear for my life, or admit to being a conservative or libertarian or god forbid a Republican, the professors and intellectuals create the environment on campus via what they teach and they are no longer teaching, well rounded lectures, they are no longer, teaching, they are indoctrinating, I’m ashamed what CUNY has become, I used to donate thousands a year to the university, I believe in public and affordable college for all, but CUNY has become an indoctrination center, for every leftist, Marxist movement and what the faculty is doing by condemning an entire nation and all its people, Israel is horrifying, even worse, think about how many of these professors are Jewish themself, it’s wrong”–an alumni who used to donate thousands to CUNY a year told TJV News.

Anti-Israel activists are continually active merging higher education and labor into their cause. In NYC recently, the local Palestinian activist groups held a teach- in during the “day of rage”, instructing educators how to teach anti-Israel, Hamas propaganda to students and how to merge it with lessons on labor rights. The merging of the Palestinian disinformation into other areas, is a very slick method, being used on gullible, well intentioned, virtue signaling leftists. You can see this pattern with BLM protestors, who have morphed into Anti-Israel radicals, and you even see it with the LGBTQ movement.