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Canada Health Chief: COVID Lockdowns Are For Preventing Spread of “False Information”

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(TJVNEWS.COM)Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Strang admitted during a COVID-19 hearing last month that the primary goal of Canada’s strict lockdowns was not to protect public health, but to prevent the free flow of information.

When a citizen asked Strang via phone call whether Canada’s injunction banning public gatherings was still necessary, Strang explained the real reason lockdowns were still in place.

“I think it’s still there. We still have — bringing large numbers of people together can present some risk. We’ll continue to look at that,” Strang said.

“But I think the other purpose of the injunction is to prevent groups that are deliberately spreading false information that creates risk,” he added.

“The information itself if listened to creates risk to the public as well. That is certainly a need to manage that misinformation campaign as well.”

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