Yes, Senator Warren, Facebook Should be Broken Up by the DOJ!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock


After listening to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s assessment of the power that Facebook has accrued in the social media sphere, we offer our full-throated support of her characterization of Facebook as viewing itself as some kind of omnipotent, omniscient entity that is even more powerful than the United States government. Senator Warren is correct when she says that Facebook and other Big Tech Titan such as Google, Twitter and YouTube present an existential threat and grievous danger to our system of democracy.  She also offers a resolution of sorts that demands our attention. Senator Warren explicates that just like the big banks, the social media giants need to be broken up for reasons of their monopolistic agenda. She has called on the Department of Justice to launch an anti-trust suit against the social media behemoths that control the trajectory of our national discourse and our lives for that matter.

In addition to the Jewish Voice which has been specifically targeted by Facebook, Twitter, and the other players in the social media arena, we have learned that others who do not tow the “correct” kind of wokeism line or do not march lock step with the current political zeitgeist or do not give their imprimatur to the cancel culture, revolutionary mindset have also become hapless victims of the nefarious Facebook algorithm team.

While we may not agree with Senator Warren on much else as it pertains to national and international policy agenda, on this issue we strongly believe that she raises a highly cogent argument that should and must gain real traction with her colleagues on Congress if anything is to be done to rectify the travesty of justice that we witness with the iron-handed rule of Facebook and the others. This issue needs to be grappled with at the proper level of political gravitas before our individual rights and freedoms are permanently taken away from us.

Three cheers for the concept of taking on Facebook, Twitter and the rest!!