Tucker Carlson Discusses COVID Vaccine Deaths In Explosive Segment

tucker carlson

Jared Evan

Tucker Carlson’s 15-minute discussion about the VARES reports on COVID vaccine deaths on his eponymously named  Fox News show, is one of the most explosive and dauntless segments to air in recent memory.

Recently, conservative outlet LifeSiteNews was banned on Facebook for reporting about the VARES reports on people who have died after taking the COVID vaccine.

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan, has been relentlessly attacked by the entire entertainment business, from liberal talk show hosts, to comedians and celebrities, for questioning whether young people should take the vaccine. The attack on Rogan has been so vociferous, if you search simply “Rogan” on google, numerous articles will come up in the search trashing Rogan, for simply questioning if children should take the vaccine.

In a media  environment where, questioning the vaccine or reporting on adverse effects, can get you banned and demonized, Tucker Carlson’s segment is valorous.

Will Tucker Carlson survive the attacks? Will this segment be the one that gets him removed from Fox News?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a United States program for vaccine safety, co-managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, and their current reports on COVID vaccination adverse events, calculate 3362 people dying after the COVID vaccine in the US, as of April, 2021.  The numbers are based on reports they receive from the public and medical professionals. 250 million doses have been administered of COVID vaccinations in the US, according to Bloomberg.

The question remains, if the numbers show such low risk, why is it taboo to discuss the risks of the vaccine or question vaccinating low COVID risk groups such as kids? According to VARES, the number of death reports post COVID vaccine is higher than every other vaccine available in the US, going back decades.

Carlson explores this taboo topic below, from Fox News.