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TJV Daily Dish & Writer Lieba Nesis Continue to “Break the Internet”

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Having spent 10 years providing scintillating coverage on a panoply of events that have attracted prominent socialites and glitterati the world over in the role of chief writer and photographer for the Jewish Voice, Lieba Nesis has decided to strike out on her own with a juicy gossip site that has attracted quite an impressive following.


A Harvard law school graduate and integral part of the New York City and Hamptons celebrity and fashion scene, Lieba is now devoting her entire career to providing her readers with “breaking news” in the world of celebrity gossip.


In the past week alone she has reached nearly one million people as she continues her quest to “break the Internet.” Even famed newsman Greg Kelly noticed the trend and invited her to speak on “all things gossip” on his WABC radio program.


Yes, folks, Ms. Nesis is a sizzling hot repository of up-to-the-minute information on all your favorite celebrities and then some. She is definitely not to be missed!


Please follow TJV Daily Dish for incisive analysis, scoops and updates of the hottest gossip curated by fashion insider and celebrity expert Lieba Nesis. Click here to follow TJV DAily dish on Instagram 

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